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New York Post: Bidenomics is Already Starting to Slam the US Economy

May 11, 2021

Article by Editorial Staff in New York Post

Economists expected the country to add 1 million jobs in April. It added just 266,000 — a sign that Bidenomics is kicking in and already becoming a dangerous drag on the economy.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also revealed Friday that the unemployment rate rose slightly, from March’s 6 percent to 6.1 percent. Its jobs report was a stunning blow after March saw 770,000 jobs added.

But it shouldn’t come as a complete shock: President Joe Biden’s determination to grow government on the backs of business, and thus consumers, was going to hit growth at some point.

Without question, part of the problem is the $300 weekly federal supplement to unemployment benefits, which Biden’s nearly $2 trillion COVID “relief” package extended all the way until Sept. 6. A University of Chicago study found that 42 percent of those receiving unemployment checks are making more from the government than they did at the jobs they lost, without even including health-insurance aid for the unemployed.

But the prez refuses to take any responsibility — and even threatens to send more “help.”

Not that Biden’s stimulus helped matters: The US future inflation gauge is at a three-decade high, and consumers are already seeing higher prices in everything from baby products to groceries to cars. That’s what happens when you throw money into the economy willy-nilly, as Biden has done (and plans to do much more). The M2, a key measure of the money supply, is up by 25 percent over last year.

Bidenomics will never get America back to the 50-year-low unemployment rate of 3.5 percent we saw in February 2020, just before the pandemic hit. Indeed, if the president gets his way, the United States is headed at best for economic stagnation, if not ......

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