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  • The Gold Performance Report

    While there is significant historical and analytical data available on gold and silver, few reports provide the real-time relevance of this one. Armed with the power of past pricing trends, the double bottom pattern, compelling correction data, a Geopolitical Hot Map, and new gold benchmarks ... this report provides the technical charts to illustrate the impact of market cycles and metrics on precious metals.

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  • The Crash You Will Never Hear Coming!

    While QE was enacted to improve the economic predicament of Main Street, it has primarily succeeded in enriching the plush portfolios of Wall Street. It has also created an overvalued market. Is the bubble about to burst? Here are three ways to protect your Net Worth right now!

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  • The Retirement Survival Guide

    When we think about retirement planning... questions and concerns almost always arise as to whether we'll have sufficient savings to stop working. Some common queries include: Will I be able to maintain my current lifestyle? How long will my money last? What happens if the market crashes?

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  • Vanishing Silver!

    The industrial demand for silver is soaring! Almost all modern electronics are configured with it. The world's appetite for silver has depleted world supplies creating an ideal investment window. Current silver prices offer a rare opportunity to act before this "poor man's metal" becomes the best kept secret of the rich.

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  • Diversify and Prosper DVD

    When investors find themselves in the "right place" at the "right time," it's because they have been given the "right information." At Lear Capital, we want to provide you with the very best insights for diversifying your financial portfolio. We have assembled some of the greatest market analysts in the country to discuss topics that are crucial to your money. Dr. Chris Martenson, Dr. Marc Faber, and Director David Stockman share their economic vision and concerns about modern monetary theory.

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  • Lear Price Advantage

    Lear has a three-step Price Advantage Guarantee that includes: a Written Account Agreement, a Phone Confirmation, and a Written Confirmation of your precious metals purchase. Lear's promise of transparency includes no hidden fees and a clear and fully disclosed gold and silver acquisition process.

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Precious Metals News & Videos

Scott Carter

Gold is moving West to East...What is the World Trying to Tell Us?

April 15, 2014 by Scott Carter

Everyone knows that the sun rises in the East, moves across our skies, and sets in the West. Over the past few years, gold buying has also been rising in the East and moving in an extraordinary migration away from Western banks and out of the hands of Western investors.  Read More

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