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  • Lear Capital 2014 Silver Trending Report

    With low prices, a surge in retail investment, and big moves in the jewelry and silverware markets ... the demand for physical silver hit an all-time high last year. Investors continue to acquire silver bullion at record levels. With historically low prices, mounting demand, shifting supply, endless applications, and anxious consumers sitting on the edge of a delicate recovery, the case for silver becomes even stronger in 2014.

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  • Lear Capital China Gold Report

    There is a lot of gold missing somewhere in China ... 500 tonnes to be exact. A variety of theories have emerged as to where it went and what it means for the larger gold marketplace. Are the Chinese secretly trying to match America's gold holdings? Or, is this a play for more economic power? This report highlights the ramifications of the great West-East gold migration and hidden global stockpiles.

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  • Lear Capital Gold Performance Report

    While there is significant historical and analytical data available on gold and silver, few reports provide the real-time relevance of this one. Armed with the power of past pricing trends, the double bottom pattern, compelling correction data, a Geopolitical Hot Map, and new gold benchmarks ... this report provides the technical charts to illustrate the impact of market cycles and metrics on precious metals.

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  • Lear Capital Market Crash Report

    While QE was enacted to improve the economic predicament of Main Street, it has primarily succeeded in enriching the plush portfolios of Wall Street. It has also created an overvalued market. Is the bubble about to burst? Here are three ways to protect your Net Worth right now!

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  • Lear Capital Silver Report

    The industrial demand for silver is soaring! Almost all modern electronics are configured with it. The world's appetite for silver has depleted world supplies creating an ideal investment window. Current silver prices offer a rare opportunity to act before this "poor man's metal" becomes the best kept secret of the rich.

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  • Lear Capital Price Advantage Guarantee

    Lear has a three-step Price Advantage Guarantee that includes: a Written Account Agreement, a Phone Confirmation, and a Written Confirmation of your precious metals purchase. Lear's promise of transparency includes no hidden fees and a clear and fully disclosed gold and silver acquisition process.

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Scott Carter - Lear Capital CEO

Terror, War, Revolution and Gold - The 1970's and Now

July 18, 2014 by Scott Carter

The world is burning, and it seems that even the fiddlers have stopped. There are concurrent conflicts, skirmishes and hostilities raging in at least a dozen countries and across five continents...  Read More

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