Executive Leadership

Kevin DeMeritt - Founder and Chairman

With his roots in international banking, Kevin DeMeritt has consistently demonstrated an uncanny ability to anticipate financial trends and help investors profit accordingly. A respected analyst, a sought-after financial expert, and a celebrated author, his book The Bulls, The Bears and The Bust, reviewed by the Associated Press, predicted the market crash of 2001 and the ensuing rise of gold as a safe haven investment.

As the Founder of Lear Capital, DeMeritt's knowledge of economic cycles, financial trends, sovereign debt, and diversification strategies has helped to establish Lear as one of the most highly respected and routinely endorsed precious metals companies in the country. Relying on his 20 years of experience with investment quality gold, DeMeritt has helped thousands of investors capitalize on economic booms and protect their savings during financial downturns.

Mr. DeMeritt regularly shares his views on talk radio and is a veteran of over 1,000 interviews, discussing the benefits of tangible assets, the perils of Wall Street volatility, the need for diversified holdings, the ramifications of US debt, and what may be in store for investors in the coming fiscal year.

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