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Premium or rare coins are called numismatic, and they are typically older currency coins prized for their historical significance. They can be "once legal tender" coins, error coins, and/or commemorative coins. Their uniqueness and scarcity drive both the coin's demand and its value. Whereas bullion coins are worth their weight in gold, Premium coins can be worth far more and can have added value based upon their collectability.

Like bullion coins, premium coins are an ideal diversification choice. They offer investors convenience, portability, liquidity and long-term growth prospects. The right portfolio of premium coins can deliver significant returns as certain historical collections have outperformed virtually every financial asset ... from the stock market, to bonds, to real estate for the past 40 years.

During economic downturns, premium coins typically perform well and unlike traditional gold investing, they can offer privacy against a potential recall since they have value beyond their pure metal content. Their many distinct benefits include:

The appeal of premium coins is often driven by nostalgia as well as economic opportunity. They are snap shots of another time and place with many carrying the images of kings and queens, the profiles of presidents, the figures of statesmen and the flags of countries. When their rareness, history and beauty collide, a true store of value emerges.

We urge all serious investors looking for performance, long-term growth, portfolio diversification, and a tangible asset to add premium coins to their investment mix. These coins may represent one of the best investment opportunities in precious metals today.

Select coins are priced well below their historical averages and significantly lower than their all-time highs. Contact a Lear Representative right now to find out which premium coins offer the best opportunities.

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