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Precious Metals and the Balancing Act

Why buy silver now? To balance your portfolio when the dollar wobbles!

UPDATE: Gold Rising, It’s Place in Your Portfolio, and the China Gold Fix

Continued dollar weakness and market softness is boosting precious metals.

UPDATES: Alternative Employment, Retirement and Economic Weakness

The economy is shifting away from traditional employment with benefits. What about retirement savings?

UPDATE: World Market Turmoil, Currency Wars and Precious Metals

Lear Capital is closely following global markets, sovereign debt, currencies and how it all affects precious metals and YOU.

Silver’s Rough Ride May Be Over – Is It Time to Buy Silver?

We'll see a few fits and starts, but overall, silver is shining brightly

Questions About Gold and Silver?

Answers are a phone call away

Who Says You Can't Eat Gold?

Food with the Midas touch...

Fed Stalls, Gold Making Big Moves!

Gold has been making big moves on Fed, Global Instability

Investing in What You Know vs Wall Street Mumbo Jumbo

The award winning film "The Big Short" reiterates why this old advice is still important...

donald trump and gold investing

6 Reasons Why Gold Would Jump Under President Trump

6 Reasons Why Gold Would Jump Under President Trump