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Why Sound Money Matters

Monetary manipulation benefits those in power. But how do you save for a fiat money future? read more

China Has Lost Its Appetite for US Debt - Where Will It Go?

China has been the biggest foreign purchaser of US treasuries for some time now, but that is changing. Will this trigger inflation? read more

Expert To Stock Market Investors: Don't Get Complacent!

Expert To Stock Market Investors: Don't Get Complacent! read more

Will the Markets Take a Black Swan Dive in 30 Days?

No longer are stories of another debt crisis told only by those who knew the threat was growing not disappearing. Stories are now appearing in the mainstream media and the warnings are more dire than ever. read more

Do NOT Be Wall Street's Road Kill (Again)

Another bubble is set to burst. Why this keeps happening, and what you can do about it. read more

Stocks Dump, Gold Jumps, & Bond Yields Break Critical Support

Stocks Dump, Gold Jumps, & Bond Yields Break Critical Support read more

Market Crash - Imaginary or Inevitable

Expert predictions have always been based on highly subjective, sometimes imaginary, interpretations of what they see or want to see. In most cases, debt levels rarely figure into predictions and remain largely ignored. At least until itís too late. read more

The 18 Trillion REAL Reasons the Fed Isn't Raising Rates

Many on Wall Street were surprised by Janet Yellen's decision last week to leave near-zero interest rate policy in place. I wasn't. Most analysts still expect there to be an interest rate increase in December of this year. I will believe it when I see it. read more

Bad News is Good News?

Our economy has gone Orwellian! Down is up. Black is white. Bad news is...good news? That is our current economic climate, if you can believe it. It's true: the markets lately have been moving opposite the news. When the jobs report is bad, markets go up. When the economy shows a little momentum, they go down. read more

The Race to Debase

Is your retirement some kind of plaything? Central banks keep printing up money and handing it out to the big banks like it is Monopoly money. They imagine that money is the same as wealth, but there is a big difference, as anyone who has become a multibillionaire in a hyperinflationary environment can tell you. read more