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"Will there now be 'Brexit' fever? Ron Paul's warnings..."

Wave of panic in the global elite - are more opt-outs coming?

Precious Metals Market Update

The flailing bond market, bail-ins and monetary velocity...

Greenspan weighs in on the Brexit!

Market Update: This Week in Precious Metals

Pension Funds Going Bankrupt, UK Greenlights Gold Pensions, Sharia Law Clarification on Gold

Market Update: This Week in Precious Metals

Greenspan, silver's perfect storm and the jobs report miss

Precious Metals Market Update

Rate Hikes, Gold Demand, and Impending Economic Collapse

Negative Yields a Game Changer for Government Finance

Japan has basically given up on long term growth. Are we next?

UPDATE: Soros a gold bug? Fed meeting minutes, and growth in Japan

Here are the stories we're following today...

UPDATE: Bet on gold, you win. Bet on the dollar, you lose!

Even central banks are losing faith in central banks apparently...

"Janet Yellen, You're Fired!"

What would a Trump administration do on monetary policy? Would it be good for gold?