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Do NOT Be Wall Street's Road Kill (Again)

Another bubble is set to burst. Why this keeps happening, and what you can do about it. read more

Stocks Dump, Gold Jumps, & Bond Yields Break Critical Support

Stocks Dump, Gold Jumps, & Bond Yields Break Critical Support read more

Market Crash - Imaginary or Inevitable

Expert predictions have always been based on highly subjective, sometimes imaginary, interpretations of what they see or want to see. In most cases, debt levels rarely figure into predictions and remain largely ignored. At least until itís too late. read more

The 18 Trillion REAL Reasons the Fed Isn't Raising Rates

Many on Wall Street were surprised by Janet Yellen's decision last week to leave near-zero interest rate policy in place. I wasn't. Most analysts still expect there to be an interest rate increase in December of this year. I will believe it when I see it. read more

Bad News is Good News?

Our economy has gone Orwellian! Down is up. Black is white. Bad news is...good news? That is our current economic climate, if you can believe it. It's true: the markets lately have been moving opposite the news. When the jobs report is bad, markets go up. When the economy shows a little momentum, they go down. read more

The Race to Debase

Is your retirement some kind of plaything? Central banks keep printing up money and handing it out to the big banks like it is Monopoly money. They imagine that money is the same as wealth, but there is a big difference, as anyone who has become a multibillionaire in a hyperinflationary environment can tell you. read more

Is the Fed About to Sabotage the Markets?

As September 17 approaches, the question burning on everyone's mind is whether or not the Fed will give us our first rate hike. I say, if they do, it would be tantamount to sabotage. Generally, the Fed raises rates to strengthen the dollar. But, when the dollar is already the strongest guy in the gym, what's the point? read more

The Beginning of the End? Thank Goodness for Gold!

What a wild ride on the stock market this week! Heart-stopping plunges followed by hopeful rallies.. then more drops and rallies. What is going on? Is it market contagion from China? Is it the Fed threatening to raise rates? Is it the high frequency traders and their wacky algorithms? Or is the market just finally waking up to the fact that fundamentals are just out of whack? read more

Big Banks Know Something Big is Coming

Go ahead! Admit it! If you knew the markets were about to suffer major losses, as they did in the 2001 crisis and again in 2008, you would make immediate adjustments to your portfolio. Knowing is the key. But, how do we really ever know anything? If you depend on the mainstream media to warn you ... forget it! read more

Is the Gold Price a Harbinger of Market Doom?

"Another Crisis Is Coming." These are the words of JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, in his 2014 letter to shareholders. He does not say when another crisis is coming or what will bring it about. His actions, however, indicate he is wasting no time in preparing. read more