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Precious Metals Decouple from the Fed

Gold and silver look like a win-win no matter what the Fed does...

Is Deutsche Bank Going Down? Will it Take Your Portfolio With It?

The collapse of another major bank could have global repercussions in the markets. Are you safe?

Ban on Cash - Coming to America?

By today's measure, more than $1 billion per day of currency is disappearing from circulation and central bank reserves.

5 Threats to Your Cash, Savings and Retirement

It is imperative for investors today to understand the threat of another crisis and the threats that accompany its arrival...

Trump Administration: Death for the Petrodollar? Gold's Coming Ascent...

Will Trump's tough talk on Saudi Arabia lead to a crippling of the dollar? 4 factors to watch...

4 Fascinating Industrial Uses for Silver

You may have never thought about all the every day items that use silver, but silver is around you all day long!

Paper Gold and Silver - A Shady Endeavor?

Because we can see shadows we think we know what it is we are looking at. But, as soon as we try to touch one, we suddenly realize how little we actually know about the object behind the shadow.

Low Oil Prices and Dangerous Games

Don't get caught in this global economic game of chicken. Buy gold!

"Will there now be 'Brexit' fever? Ron Paul's warnings..."

Wave of panic in the global elite - are more opt-outs coming?

Greenspan weighs in on the Brexit!