Diversify your IRA with Silver

Why a Silver IRA?

Many Americans are depending on silver for their Individual Retirement Accounts. Working men and women in the United States value their retirement and want to protect their funds from any potential economic crisis. IRA accounts are traditionally reliant upon select stocks, bond and/or mutual funds. Since these funds are closely linked to the economy, the worth of many IRA accounts can begin to plummet if the economy is in crisis. With silver, industrial demand and factors beyond banks and governments can drive value and performance—even in a struggling economy. In fact, silver is poised to rise in worth, regardless of which way the economy heads.

How to Start?

For over a decade, the professionals at Lear Capital have been helping clients diversify their savings with silver. More Americans are turning to Silver IRAs because they combine a physical, tangible asset with the modern tax-advantaged features of an IRA. A silver IRA also helps hedge the volatility and risk of your retirement portfolio. Silver can help to preserve wealth and safeguard IRA dollars by increasing the store of value of physical metals to your retirement. Lear Capital has streamlined the process into 3 Easy Steps!

Open a Lear Capital Silver IRA in 3 Easy Steps!

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Step One: Open your new Silver IRA account with one easy form
Step Two: Decide on your opening investment amount
Step Three: Allow our IRA Specialist to help you fund your account with a tax-free, penalty-free transfer

The Self-Directed IRA

Having a self-directed, silver-backed IRA has many benefits, including allowing you to maintain control over the investment decisions to your account. Self-Directed Silver IRAs offer a more active role in determining your asset mix as well as giving you the ability to develop your retirement account holdings beyond traditional stocks, bonds and municipal funds. Rather than being locked into a set asset group chosen by your fund custodian, you can make changes to your account, ultimately giving you more control over gains, losses and risk. A Lear Capital Silver IRA permits you to hold all or a percentage of your retirement dollars in silver to diversify your traditional IRA holdings, which also could make your portfolio less vulnerable to market shifts.

Moving an Existing IRA Account to Metals

Any portion of an existing retirement account can be used to fund your new Precious Metals IRA. There are two simple methods to transfer money from your current retirement account into a new Precious Metals IRA:

Tax-free Transfers:

You can transfer funds tax-free and penalty-free from one IRA to another, at any time. By performing a Direct Transfer, the money flows from one IRA account directly into another, via bank wire or check. You can perform an unlimited amount of Direct Transfers each year and Lear has a dedicated team of IRA Specialists who have facilitated thousands of these types of transfers for our customers.

The 60-Day Rollover:

You can personally facilitate the transfer of funds from your retirement account into a new retirement account by requesting a check from your current IRA or 401k custodian. Upon request, your current custodian can cut a check from your retirement account and mail it to you directly. As long as you receive this check and forward it your new IRA provider for immediate deposit within 60 days, this transaction is completely tax-free and penalty-free.

Lear Capital can help with a Silver IRA! Diversifying a traditional Individual Retirement Account with precious metals may be a wise move in today's economy. Financial experts recommend that 5% to 20% of your portfolio be allocated to precious metals!

If you have an existing Individual Retirement Account, we'll help you transfer or roll it into silver, gold, or platinum. If you don't have an IRA, our reps and dedicated Individual Retirement Account department will walk you through how to set up a Self-Directed Silver IRA! Give us a call to discuss your current IRA status and explore your individual retirement needs. A Lear Representative is standing by to assist you at 1-800-576-9355 or simply complete our IRA Account Form.

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