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Buy Gold and Silver in Santa Maria, California

The populous city of Santa Maria is located in Santa Barbara County, about 120 miles northwest of the city of Los Angeles. It is renowned for its wine industry and barbecue, which is claimed to be the finest in the west. For thousands of years prior to European settlement, the Chumash people lived in Santa Maria Valley. In 1769 Spanish explorers traveled through this valley while on their Portola Expedition. They founded Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa which was located just north of Santa Maria Valley and near Lompoc started Mission La Purisma. The lands did not become available for private ownership until 1821, after the Mexican War of Independence ended. During the late 19th century, numerous farmers came to Santa Maria in order to take advantage of the area's fertile, rich soil. To this day, agriculture is still an important local industry. In 1875 the city obtained official status and was called Grangerville. Later it was called Central City, before it was named Santa Maria so that it wouldn't be confused with Central City, Colorado. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was discovered that the area contained large scale oil wells. By 1957, Santa Maria Valley had 1,775 oil wells producing over $640 million in oil. The strong economy in Santa Maria has resulted in many locals investing in silver and gold. Lear Capital can guide you to the best bullion dealers and coin shops in the Santa Maria area.

Lear Capital have been America's Precious Metals leader since 1997, and we strive to not only earn your business but to maintain it with superior service. We can help you diversify your portfolio by buying gold, acquiring premium rare coins, or by rolling over your IRA to one that is backed by gold and silver.

Central Coast Coin

Central Coast is a company with four decades of tradition in buying and selling gold, silver and platinum coins, as well as stamps and jewelry. Located in Acorn Plaza, Central Coast specializes in selling proof and mint sets and historical US coins from the pre-1933 period. The store manager tries to source out of stock coins to satisfy requests from customers. This is good for collectors in search for specific items or very rare coins.

(805) 934-0640
4869 S Bradley R.
Santa Maria, CA 93455

Pacific Coin

Established in 2009, Pacific Coin is a small company that specializes in providing personalized services to customers. Pacific Coin has only two employees, but they are extremely knowledgeable about coins of all kinds.

(805) 614-0207
809 N Broadway
Santa Maria, CA93454

Collectable Treasures

Collectable Treasures has been around since 2012. This shop takes pride in offering excellent customer services. They specialize in rare coins, gift items, and collectibles. Flexible and customer-oriented, they renew their inventory very often.

(805) 314-2056
211 Town Ctr. W
Santa Maria, CA 93458

Diamond Jewelry & Loan

Diamond Jewelry & Loan is a comprehensive pawn shop that trades various items such as rare coins, precious metals, jewelry, power tools, household appliances, musical instruments, computers, and weapons. Diamond Jewelry & Loan employs knowledgeable staff, always ready to answer the questions of their customers, to help them make the best purchasing decisions.

(805) 349-7296
942 W Main St.
Santa Maria, CA 93458

Gold Buyers of Santa Maria

Despite their name, Gold Buyers of Santa Maria won't sell you gold, silver or other precious metals. Nonetheless, they will buy your rare coins and your old jewelry items you want to get rid of. They also accept scrap metal. This shop belongs to the California Gold Buyers chain, a retailer with many other outlets in various places such as Ventura, Bakersfield, Riverside, and Santa Barbara.

(805) 479-2274
142 Town Ctr. E
Santa Maria, California 93454