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  • Gold bars with question mark

    FAQ: How do interest rates affect the bond market?

    The bond market, typically considered a safe, stable place to park your cash has been destabilized by higher interest rates. Bonds are essentially loans that investors make to issuers (such as governments or corporations) in exchange for regular interest payments and the eventual return of their principal investment. When interest rates rise, bond prices tend …

    By Rachel Mills on March 22, 2023
  • Wall Street Tight Rope

    Low interest rates can be inflationary, but high interest rates can kill banks. Here's how...

    Would you like low inflation or a stable banking system? The way it's looking these days, you can't have both. The Federal Reserve sets interest rate policy in this country. It is our central bank that centrally plans certain key aspects of our economy. Do they always get it right? Clearly not. They are supposed …

    By Rachel Mills on March 21, 2023
  • Are bank failures back?

    The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank roiled markets late last week. Is this a one-off, or will there be contagion to follow? It is a complicated question. Many have warned of financial risk in the markets and interest rate hikes have been tough on many banks. Regulators shut down Silicon Valley Bank on Friday, which …

    By Rachel Mills on March 11, 2023
  • A faceless bureaucrat

    How the Fed could use CBDCs to make your financial choices for you

    CBDCs are digital forms of fiat currency that are issued and backed by a country’s central bank. CBDCs are designed to function as a digital version of physical cash, and are intended to be used for everyday transactions, such as buying goods and services, or transferring money to other individuals or businesses. Unlike decentralized cryptocurrencies, …

    By Rachel Mills on March 10, 2023
  • Gold coins and bars in the shape of a house

    FAQ: When will I profit from my gold and silver?

    A: You may be thinking about precious metals the wrong way... Every investor wants to make a profit. That is the whole point, right? Many investors who look into precious metals wonder when their gold and silver purchases will "turn a profit" or sell for a price higher than their purchase price and associated acquisition …

    By Rachel Mills on March 9, 2023

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