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ExactPrice is a free tool for getting real time spot price of gold and other precious metals spot prices.

ExactPrice is quick, easy and as simple as looking at your mobile or desktop screen.

In fact, ExactPrice has been painstakingly designed to be viewed online, downloaded to your desktop, published to your website, blog, or social network and is mobile friendly whether using an Android or Apple device.

Effortlessly Follow Price Trends

Precious metal pricing can be driven by many factors, one of the most important being supply and demand. Basic economic facts dictate that any perceived or actual increase or decrease in the supply and/or demand of any given commodity like gold or silver will move prices. For instance, if a labor strike targets a major producer of gold, spot prices will reflect this uncertainty and prices may spike over a surprisingly short term. Or, the publication of a new industrial use - the sudden demand for silver in the manufacture of solar panels, for instance - will also generate increased interest and purchases of silver and create an upward price movement. Getting in at the beginning of one of these rocket rises can have a beneficial effect on your investments.

No matter what the cause of these sorts of shifts in precious metals pricing, ExactPrice will show the emerging price trends in real time from the convenience of your personal internet-connected devices.

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Diversification of Your Portfolio

It's no secret that many investing experts strongly recommend that you diversify any healthy portfolio with physical precious metals. And when it comes to investing in these specific investments, the more you know - and most importantly, the more up-to-date your information is - the better you will be equipped to diversify your portfolio to take maximum advantage of current price trends in gold, silver and other precious metals.

Because precious metals like gold and silver are typically considered a safe and smart haven when the economy endures a correction, the savviest investors add precious metals to their portfolios and keep them for the long haul. That's because there has traditionally been less risk associated with precious metals than stocks during uncertain political and economic conditions. In fact, gold and silver historically have retained or even gained in value when other asset classes move downward.

Helping You Make Informed Decisions

If you are seriously considering investing in gold or other precious metals, be sure to always treat these investments as you would any other important financial decision - carefully, deliberately and with as much research as possible. The free ExactPrice app is an invaluable resource to help you keep track of gold and other precious metals pricing.

However, before you invest in gold, silver or other precious metals, Lear Capital recommends that you research the market, which includes staying on top of always-shifting pricing. Once again, the free ExactPrice app excels as a tool to do exactly that.

The Price of Gold (& other Precious Metals) at Your Fingertips

Using our powerful ExactPrice app in addition to the content found throughout this website, you will have the complete information you need to know about precious metals in order to make educated, well-informed, carefully researched buy or sell decisions. You'll get the best research and highly accurate charts showing the very latest spot prices of gold, silver and platinum metals. And all of this is right at your fingertips, in your pocket or on your desktop thanks to ExactPrice from Lear Capital.

To learn more about the exciting opportunities of investing in precious metals with Lear Capital, you owe it to yourself and to your investment portfolio to give us a call. After all, nobody knows more about the importance of diversifying your portfolio with gold and silver than the experts at Lear Capital. Call us today!

The ExactPrice app is available for Desktop operating systems (Windows and OS X) as well as browsers that support flash. We also offer real time pricing formatted for mobile devices.