Your Privacy is Important.
Your privacy is important - Lear is dedicated to protecting yours. Any information we collect is used only to provide you with better services, process your orders, manage your account and increase your benefit for frequenting our site. Lear takes privacy seriously and as such we take precautions to ensure that none of your privacy rights are violated.

What kind of information do you store?
Lear stores the information you share with us in your membership logon account for the sole purpose of improving our service to you. Your membership account contains only the information you have chosen to share with us. When you register for our service, you also choose a password that makes sure that your information remains private. We store your membership account information in our membership database.

What do you do with information you gather about me?
The information in your membership account is used solely to process your orders and provide the reminders you have requested. From time to time, Lear might also use the information in your membership account to create aggregate reports for the purpose of improving our web site and services to you. These reports are completely anonymous and contain no information that will identify you personally.

Do you share my information with anyone?
Lear does not trade, sell or rent out your email address or other personal information to any third party. All information you share with us is strictly confidential. Lear does reserve the right to cooperate fully with local, state and federal officials as required by law with regard to personal information you have provided to us.

How you protect my personal information?
Lear has implemented a number of security procedures to secure protection of our member's personal information. Your personal information is contained within securely controlled networks and can only be accessed by employees with the appropriate level of access. When you purchase an item or place an order through the Lear web site or access your personal account, a secure server manages the entire transaction. Any personal information shared by our members is transmitted through a secure connection and is safely stored in the Lear private database.

Is my credit card information secure?
We are committed to providing you a safe, no-risk environment. We use some of the most sophisticated security software available on the market today and have done everything reasonably possible to ensure that any personal information you share with us will not be misappropriated. Should you ever suspect that an unauthorized party has obtained or used your personal information, please contact Lear immediately. We will investigate the matter thoroughly. And of course, any time that you discover or suspect fraud, you should contact your credit card company immediately.

Why do I need a password?
Your password is key to protecting the personal information you share with us. Do not share your password with anyone.

Tell us what you think
If you have any comments or questions about our security and privacy statement please call us at 1.800.576.9355

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