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Precious Metals News

Market Crash Warning

Yahoo Finance: 'Big Short' Legend Michael Burry Issues a Grave Warning to Investors With a One-word Tweet: "Sell."

He diagnosed the "greatest speculative bubble of all time in all things" and predicted the "mother of all crashes." Jeremy Grantham recently declared the S&P 500 could plummet 50%. Mark Spitznagel diagnosed the "greatest tinderbox-timebomb in financial history."

Market Crash Warning

Markets Insider: The Market is Headed for a 'Tinderbox-Timebomb' That Will Be Worse Than the 1929 Crash

"It is objectively the greatest tinderbox-timebomb in financial history - greater than the late 1920s, and likely with similar market consequences!" His view mirrors that of top economist Nouriel Roubini.

Market Crash

CNBC - Jim Chanos: Bear Market is Doing Something Unheard of in My Career

"I've been on the Street [since] 1980 [and] not one bear market has ever traded above nine times to 14 times the previous peak earnings. Things are not cheap!"

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Fox Business: Wall Street Economist Says Recession in 2023 Will Look Like Biggest Crisis of the 1970s

"People are too focused on '08 and 2020. This is more like 1973, 74 and 2021. It's a very bumpy rollercoaster, but the rollercoaster is headed down."

Market Crash Warning

Markets Insider: Jeremy Grantham Says the Stock Market Could Crash 50% This Year As the Bubble Enters Its 'Final Phase'

"To prick these bubbles all you have to do is have investors question whether their nearly perfect economic and financial conditions can indeed be extrapolated forever!"

Could Unemployment Fraud be Driving Inflation?

There are many factors. Could this be one?

Dollar Crash

Markets Insider: Nobel Economist Says We're Not in a Debt Crisis, But the US Could Still Be Facing a Lot of Economic Problems in a Few Years

That's the largest debt balance of any country. That could mean the US sees high inflation and a debt problem simultaneously, he said, warning of a severe financial crash to hit the economy.

Dollar Crash, Buy Gold

Reuters: China's Net Gold Imports Via Hong Kong More Than Double in December

Net imports into the world's top gold consumer stood at 42.160 tonnes in December, compared with 16.849 tonnes in November, suggest that the accumulation process has continued!

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Barron's: Gold Has the Edge Over Stocks in 2023

A break of 3700 in S&P 500 would lead to a test of October's 3500 low. By contrast, gold has vaulted strongly since generating a Buy signal. My work projects that gold will outperform U.S. stock indexes this year!

Market Crash Recession Warning

CNBC: "Leading" Us Right Over a Cliff

Get this: every time, since at least 1959, that the index has dropped more than 1% year-on-year, a recession has hit in the subsequent months. "This reinforces our prior thinking to sell stock market rallies!"

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