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Worst market Crash in History

Market Watch: A Historic Global Bond-market Crash Threatens the Liquidation of World's Most Crowded Trades, Says BofA

Liquidity matters because it ensures that assets can be bought or sold. Without liquidity, it's harder to convert an asset into cash without losing money against the market price!

Market Crash Warning

Forbes: Goldman Sachs Warns Stock Market Rout Will Only Get Worse This Year

A growing number of investment analysts released grim projections for markets and the economy this year, with some arguing major indexes will plunge deeper into negative territory!

Warning Market Crash

Fortune: Legendary Investor Ray Dalio Says the Stock Market Has Further to Fall Before a Recession Hits

"We are right now very close to a 0% growth year," he said. "I think it's going to get worse into 2023 and then 2024!"

Market Crash and Recession

Bloomberg News: Roubini Expects a 'Long, Ugly' Recession and Stocks Sinking 40%

Roubini sees a stagflation like in the 1970s and massive debt distress as in the global financial crisis. "It's not going to be a short and shallow recession, it's going to be severe, long and ugly," he said.

Market Crash Warning

Market Insider: Stanley Druckenmiller Says the Fed is Like a 'Reformed Smoker,' While Jeff Gundlach Warns it's Driving the US into a Dumpster

6 market experts talk straight about rate hikes.

Recession Market Crash

Bloomberg News: The Global Race to Hike Rates Tilts Economies Toward Recession

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio sees the prospect of a slump of more than 20% on equity markets as rates continue to rise!

Market Crash and Recession

Business Insider: Economist Has Warned the Fed's Rate Hikes May Fail to Squash Inflation - But Could Tank the US Economy and Job Market Anyway

"I worry about a stagflationary debt crisis, because you have the worst of the '70s in terms of supply shocks, and you have the worst of the global financial crisis because of too much debt, and that combination is dangerous!"

National Debt

Fox Business: Fed Interest Rate Hikes Poised to Make the US National Debt Even More Expensive

Payments are expected to triple from nearly $400 billion in fiscal year 2022 to a stunning $1.2 trillion in 2032 - a total of $8.1 trillion over the next decade.

Retirement in a Post-Dollar World

Have we reached peak dollar?

Market Crash Warning

CNBC: 'The Economy is Breaking Hard' and CEO Confidence is Miserable, Says billionaire Investor Barry Sternlicht

As for when the "serious recession" will hit, Sternlicht believes it is imminent. "I think [in the] fourth quarter. I think right now," he said. "You are going to see cracks everywhere."

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