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Yahoo Finance - The Stock Market is on Steroids and It Could End Up Like the Dot Com Bubble: Top Money Manager

"It's a dangerous game the Fed is playing!"

Bloomberg News: Guggenheim Says Market a 'Ponzi Scheme' That Must Collapse

"The longer that this market runs, the harder the fall will be when it ends!"

CNBC: Jamie Dimon Says His One Big Worry is Negative Interest Rates

"In history whenever you've seen anything like that, it doesn't necessarily end well!"

Money Week: Want to Make Money in 2020? Gold and Silver are Looking Like a Good Bet

"Financial markets are trapped and we expect gold to respond by hitting an all time high in the second half of 2020!"

Bloomberg News: Gold Is a 'No-Brainer,' in Rosenberg's Bear-Case Portfolio

"Gold is a place you want to be. it's also an insurance policy when things go wrong!"

CNBC: Ray Dalio Says 'Cash is Trash' and Advises Investors Hold a Global, Diversified Portfolio

"You have to have balance ... and I think you have to have certain amount of gold in your portfolio!"

FX Street - Gold: Any Correction is Seen As An Opportunity to Enter a Long Position - TD Securities

"We have upgraded our gold forecast and see the yellow metal hit $1,700/oz into 2020-21."

Money & Markets - Everything's a Bubble: Dallas Chief Kaplan Admits Fed Is Inflating Assets

The hard part is determining when said bubbles will blow up in all our faces and the greatest recession in history crushes the U.S.!

Traders Magazine: Why Global Stock Markets Rise Despite an Economic Collapse

They will never drop the 'strong economy' narrative even when economic data shows otherwise!

FX Street: Another Repo Market Liquidity Injection for Gold Bulls to Cheer

The additional cash injections from the Fed are fundamentally positive for the gold market.