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The Street: What Gold's Rise Means for Rates, Equities

If the Fed continues to articulate the fact that the economy faces "significant risks" over the upcoming quarters, rest assured that investors will continue to make gold glitter!

Investment News: How Gold Could Replace Bonds as a Portfolio Diversifier

"Gold has an ability to diversify away market risk!"

The Wall Street Journal: Federal Budget Deficit in First 11 Months of Fiscal Year Tops $1 Trillion Mark

This is the first time deficits have topped that amount in seven years!

CNBC: Deutsche Bank Sees Four Rate Cuts by January, Says the US Risks 'Zero Rates' if Trade War Escalates

"We anticipate 25 [basis] point rate cuts at each of the September, October, December, and January policy meetings,"

Stock House: Silver Is Still A Must-Buy at These Levels

We could see a massive rally over the coming months that would likely make new all-time highs!

Forbes: Record High Debt and Record Low Yields Are a Boon for Gold

We could be at the "monetary policy endgame!"

Fox Business Channel - Peter Schiff: China, Russia Buying Gold Because 'They Can Read the Writing on the Wall'

The two countries are "preparing for the world where the dollar is no longer the reserve currency."

Market Watch: Citi Says Gold Prices May Top $2,000 an Ounce

"We now expect spot gold prices to trade stronger for longer, possibly breaching $2,000/oz and posting new cyclical highs!"

CNBC: 'Gold is the Way to Go' as Interest Rates Fall, Says Mark Mobius

Mobius recommends that investors hold 10% of their portfolios in physical gold!

The Wall Street Journal: Long-Term Federal Debt Unlikely to Be a Hit

History shows that countries that exhibit persistently irresponsible budgetary policy end up with high inflation.