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Recession Market Crash

Reuters: Ex-Goldman CEO Blankfein Says Recession Possibility is 'Very High Risk Factor'

Analysts say they fear policymakers have fallen too far behind to curb price increases without the sort of sharp rate hikes that might cause a recession!

Market Crash

CNBC: Strategist Says Stock Market May Become a 'Meat-grinder of Forlorn Hope' for Dip-buyers

"The guy who sells at the top sells to the next two guys, who realize it's not going to hold, who sell to the next guys and if any of those are leveraged, we're in trouble!"

Market Collapse Buy Gold

Fox Business: S&P 500 Could Tumble Another 28% Before Bear Market Ends: BofA

"In the last 19 bear markets, the average peak-to-trough decline has been 37%, with an average duration of 289 days!" The S&P would need to fall about 27.3% from its value at the start of the year!

Market Crash

Axios: Why the Fed May Not Bail Out the Stock Market This Time

"If you think you're already close to the edge of a recession, you might be more worried about the things that could push you over the edge!"

Market Crash coming

Fortune: The Fed Wants a 'Soft Landing' for the Economy. The Market Says Get Ready for a Crash

Investment banks, former Fed officials, billionaire investors, and even your neighbor are all predicting economic doom ahead!

Gold Hedge against Inflation

CNBC: Inflation Barreled Ahead at 8.3% in April From a Year Ago, Remaining Near 40-year Highs

Chicken was up 3.4% and eggs surged 10.3% amid a bird flu scare, while Bacon rose 2.5% and breakfast cereal was up 2.4% Ham prices fell 1.8%.

Market Crash Buy Gold

Forbes: The Worst of The Stock Market Crash May Be Yet to Come, According to Wall Street's 'Fear Gauge' Signal

"We encourage investors to be prepared for a sideways trade for quite some time. Just because a market bottoms, doesn't mean it's headed right back to record highs!"

'Unretirements' Continue to Rise as More Workers Return to Work

More workers are unretiring

Market Crash

CNN Business: The 'Everything Rally' is Now the 'Everything Sell-off'

The "everything rally" has been punctured as interest rates rise and the economy slows down, triggering the worst sell-off since 2020. "I think it's too early to say this is the end. I would not call the bottom yet!"

Market Crash Buy Gold

Market Watch: This Wall Street Legend Has Lived Through Every Bear Market Since the 1950s, Says the One Coming Could Hit the S&P 500 With a 30% Loss

"We are in a bear market. By the time this is over, it's likely that they all go into a larger decline. Bear markets have three stages - sharp down, reflexive rebound and a drawn-out fundamental downtrend!"