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Precious Metals News

Recession Inflation Market Crash

Washington Examiner: GDP Fell 0.6% in Second Quarter as Recession Fears Grow

The bigger problem facing the economy now is inflation and the Federal Reserve's plan to tamp it down by raising interest rates!

Market Crash Warning

Bloomberg News: Stock Bear Market Will Get Whole Lot Worse When Credit Cracks

Now Goldman Sachs Group Inc. warns of a potential repricing of corporate bonds that risks adding fresh fuel to the stock rout. The bank's warning looked prescient

Market Crash Recession

CNBC: Stanley Druckenmiller Sees 'Hard Landing' in 2023 with a Possible Deeper Recession Than Many Expect

Billionaire investor fears it could be something even worse. "I don't rule out something really bad. We are in deep trouble!"

Market Crash

Market Watch - 'True Carnage': Stock-market Selloff Wipes $13 Trillion in Market Cap off Broad U.S. Benchmark

Communications services (-51.8%), consumer discretionary (-49.8%), tech (-49.4%) and health care (-48.4%) - were roughly 50% below their 52-week highs. Even energy stocks are now down 36.9% from their 52-week highs!

New Financial Crisis

Axios: The World Economy Has an Ominous August 2007 Kind of Feeling

Many consider it to be the beginning of what we now call the global financial crisis. And there are some ominous parallels with what the world is experiencing right now!

Market Crash, Bon Crash

Fox Business: Bond Market Crash Foreshadows New Lows for US Stock Market, BofA Warns

The bond market is on track for its worst year since 1949 and will continue to batter stocks, according to Bank of America analyst. "Bond crash in recent weeks means highs in credit spreads, lows in stocks are not yet in!"

Financial Crisis

Bloomberg News: Morgan Stanley Says Dollar Surge Tends to End in Crisis

"While hard to predict such 'events,' the conditions are in place for one. If there was ever a time to be on the lookout for something to break, this would be it!"

Buy Gold

CNBC: The 'Real Cure' for Inflation Has Gone Ignored, Steve Forbes Says

Forbes suggested using gold to stabilize currencies - for example, tying the U.S. dollar to gold so the dollar has a fixed value.

Market Crash

Market Watch: First Thing Fed Breaks with Higher Rates Will Be the Financial Markets, BMO Says

The additional 75 basis points in hikes will turn out to be the "straw that breaks the camel's back." And the world's largest economy "is past the point of rescue!"

Reserve Currency Status in Jeopardy?

Could the global community start to REJECT US dollars?

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