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Market Crash Warning

Market Insider: Leon Cooperman Says the S&P 500 Won't Hit a New High for a Long Time - and Predicts a US Recession and Stubborn Inflation

He warned that after years of easy money and rampant speculation, it would take a while for markets to recover and reach new highs.

Market Crash Warning

Business Insider: The Latest Terrible News for the Stock Market: The Economy is Booming Again

There's little to no chance the Fed will be cutting by this time next year. We might be seeing yet another false dawn in the stock market. Powell's promised pain is going to come - it's just a question of when.

Recession Bear Market

Bloomberg News: Bond Markets Around the World Are Flashing a Warning About Global Recession

"With yield curves now inverted in the majority of the world's largest economies, a global recession looks increasingly likely!"

Recession Market Crash

The Washington Post: The Era of Easy Money Is Over. What Does That Change?

From 2007 to 2020, government debt jumped to 98% from 58%, and non-financial corporate debt surged to 97% from 77%. The US stock market rose more than 580%!

Market Warning Crash

CNBC: Get Ready for a Prolonged Downturn That's Worse than 2000 or 2008, Billionaire Doug Leone Says

"Here, we have a global crisis. We have interest rates around the world increasing, consumers globally are starting to run out of money, we have an energy crisis, and then we have all the issues of geopolitical challenges!"

Bear Market Crash Warning

Financial Post: S&P 500 Could Drop As Low As 2,500 Before This Bear Market is Finished

No one would be talking about the market being fairly valued at these P/E ratios, especially given where interest rates are currently. Use this period of strength in the stock market to take profits. Use this period of strength in the stock market to take profits!

China Dumping Dollar and Buy Gold

Finbold: China 'Likely' Stockpiling Gold to Lessen Reliance on US Dollar

Beijing shocked the market in 2015 when it disclosed that it had increased its reserves of gold by almost 600 tons. Since September 2019, there have been no reports of any activity!

Market Crash

Business Insider: Billionaire Investor Bill Ackman Warns the Fed Will Struggle to Crush Inflation and Higher Long-term Interest Rates Could Hit Stocks

"We think inflation is going to be structurally higher going forward. We do not believe that it's likely the Federal Reserve is going to be able to get inflation back to a kind of consistent 2% level!"

Recession Warning

Fox Business: Economic Index Flashes Major Recession Warning Sign

There is a growing expectation on Wall Street that the Fed will trigger an economic downturn as it raises interest rates. In a troubling development, the Fed's rate hikes have thus far failed to tame inflation!

Market Crash Warning

The Hill: Stock Market Trouble Ahead?

The market's seeming complacency is more difficult to understand considering the many cracks that are already emerging in the world's financial system!

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