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Reuters: Bear Market Deepens as Investors Pull $16 Billion from Equities - BAML

The strategists noted institutional investors and private clients were piling into cash and safer assets as protection.

Barrons: A Long List of Worries

Greenspan: You do not see these crises arising until it is at your doorstep.

Money Morning: Why Silver Prices Are Set for a Breakout as the Dollar Falls

Silver remains tremendously undervalued and is therefore likely to climb more quickly than gold.

Bloomberg News: Investors Are Now the Most Bearish on Global Economy Since Crash

A record 85 percent of fund managers say the global economy is in late cycle

CNBC: After Disappearing for Two Quarters, Gold Buyers are Back, and the Metal Could Keep Going Higher

We have a bullish outlook through the end of the year and into next year

Market Watch: You May Be Surprised at How Many S&P 500 Stocks Have Fallen at Least 50% from Record Highs

250 stocks were down 20% or more from their all-time highs as of October 15 close.

CBS News: The Skyrocketing Interest Payments on U.S. Debt

Interest costs are the fastest-growing part of the federal budget

Investopedia: Market Bear Hussman Says Stocks Could Lose $20 Trillion

The plunge predicted by Hussman would represent roughly a 66% decline.

CNBC: Companies Buying Their Own Shares Could Fuel the Next Market Rally

S&P 500 companies have purchased $646 billion of their own stock

Fox Business Channel: Stock Bubble Bigger Than 2008 Crash: Peter Schiff

All bear markets start off as corrections