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Market Watch: Why the Stock Market's New Exuberance May Be Irrational

"The fundamental risks to the global economy remain. In fact, from a medium-term perspective, they are actually getting worse!"

Nasdaq: Here's Why You Need to Hedge Your Stock Investments

Historically speaking, irrational stock market enthusiasm has been a time to reduce risk, not take substantially more of it.

Money & Markets - Peter Schiff: "There Are Bubbles Everywhere and They're All Going to Pop"

"The entire market is in a bubble. In fact, the bond market is in a bubble, the dollar is in a bubble. There are bubbles everywhere!"

CNBC: China is Building Up Its 'Shadow Reserves' to Counter Its Reliance on the US Dollar

Beijing has been going on a gold buying spree, with its official gold reserves holding at record levels of 1,957.5 tons in October.

Market Watch: When 'idjits' Mock Warren Buffett, the Stock Market Could Be in Trouble

"Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful."

Market Watch: Investors putting money back into stock-market funds, but flows still solidly negative for 2019

For every $100 that has flowed out of U.S. stock funds in 2019, $15 has come back!

Reuters: Global Debt to Top Record $255 Trillion by Year's End

Around 60% of that jump came from the United States and China.

USA Today - Powell: U.S. Debt is 'On Unsustainable Path,' Crimping Ability to Respond to Recession

The federal budget deficit hit $984 billion in fiscal 2019, the highest in seven years, and it's expected to top $1 trillion in fiscal 2020!

Investopedia: Blackstone Group Warns of the Mother of All Bubbles

"When you push liquidity through the system like they [the Fed] have the last ten years, you create a giant bubble."

Market Watch: Two Surveys of Global Businesses Slump to Gloomiest Level Since Recession

It's as bad a time for the global economy as any since the end of the last recession!