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Dollar Crash

CNBC: Gundlach Says the Dollar is 'Doomed' Over the Long Term Because of Rising U.S. Deficits

"Ultimately, the size of our deficits, which has exploded completely off the chart, the dollar is going to fall pretty substantially!"

Stock Bubble Warning

Fortune Magazine - Bubble Warning: The S&P 500 Has Only Been This Expensive for 4% of the Past 140 Years

S&P 500 is now pricier than in 96% of all quarters over the past 141 years. Going forward it will be all about the other Big M - the market Math.

Dollar Crash

Wolf Street: Dollar's Purchasing Power Plunged at Fastest Pace since 1982

The Fed is still buying $40 billion a month in mortgage-backed securities, $80 billion in Treasury and keeping its rates near 0% to inflate asset and consumer prices, further burning the purchasing power of the dollar!

Silver shortage

Investing.com - Silver Squeeze: Is History Repeating?

With the unallocated game soon coming to an end, owning physical and eliminating counterparty risk seems like the logical option-in gold, silver and other precious metals!

Rising Inflation

The Wall Street Journal: The Fed Is Underestimating the Risk of Inflation

The Fed was wrong a year ago. The data suggest prices will continue to increase, but the bank is guilty of faulty analysis!

Bloomberg News: Gold Regains Shine After Central Bank Buying Drops to Decade Low

"Long term, gold is the most significant guardian and guarantor of protection against inflationary and other forms of financial risks!"

Gold to soar

Business Insider: Gold Will Outperform Crypto As An Inflation Hedge and Has 38% Upside, Goldman Sachs Says

The bank sees gold hitting as high as $2,500 and views gold as a "good strategic purchase" for investment managers that want to hedge against tail risks!

Market Crash

Business Insider: Michael Burry, Jeremy Grantham, and Other Top Investors are Predicting an Epic Market Crash

Leon Cooperman, Stanley Druckenmiller, and Jeffrey Gundlach have also sounded the alarm. The same is true for Kevin O'Leary, Gary Shilling, and Robert Kiyosaki!

Market Crash Recession

Market Watch: The Looming Stagflationary Debt Crisis Will Deliver a One-two Punch to Markets and Economies

The stagflation of the 1970s will soon meet the debt crises of the post-2008 period. The question is not if but when!

National Debt

USA Today: National Debt Per American Piles Up After Coronavirus, Great Recession and Tax Cuts

Since the turn of the century, the amount of debt per person has more than tripled, and that's before President Biden's ambitious infrastructure agenda.

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