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Market Watch: Regional Banks Get the Attention, But Worries Are More Widespread, Says Ex-FDIC Chief Bair

"This is a risk confronting all banks! If we have a financial crisis, we won't have a soft landing,' Bair told MarketWatch. 'We have to avoid that at all costs.'

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Markets Insider: The Banking Crisis is Not Over and More Pain is Coming for the Stock Market, CEO of the Largest Publicly-traded Hedge Fund Says

Equities have not yet bottomed in the current market cycle. "A significant number of banks will not exist 12 to 24 months from now. We have a big sell off somewhere in our near future!"

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CNBC: Gold Prices Could Notch an All-time High Soon - And Stay There

Fitch Solutions predicted that gold would notch a high of $2,075 "in the coming weeks." The firm expects gold will trade between $2,500 to $2,600 an ounce!

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Fox Business - Fed Rate Hikes Will Trigger a Downturn of Greater 'Speed and Magnitude' Than the Great Recession: Economist

"There's a serious problem of the financial institutions because of the Fed policies, and also because of fiscal policy. I think there are a lot of cracks in the system, and I think we're just beginning the financial problems!"

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Market Watch: Don't Dream It's Over. Top JPMorgan Strategist Warns of Looming Market Meltdown as Easy Credit Disappears

The Federal Reserve is "already past the point of no return - a soft landing now looks unlikely, with the airplane in a tailspin (lack of market confidence) and engines about to turn off (bank lending)!"

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Markets Insider: Brace for the S&P 500 to Plunge 50% And a Painful Recession to Strike As the 'Everything Bubble' Bursts, Jeremy Grantham Warns

"Be advised this is not a genteel setback like 2000." If events pan out poorly, the benchmark index could tumble below its pandemic low to around 2,000 points, he warned!

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Market Watch: Every Hiking Cycle Over the Last 70 Years Ends in Recession or a Financial Crisis. 'It's Not Going to Be Different This Time!'

"We are confident that the economic outlook has deteriorated and that the window for ongoing good/improving macro data is beginning to close!" The firm recommended selling into rallies!

Financial Crisis

Market Insider: Credit Suisse is Just the 'Tip of the Iceberg' As Banking Turmoil Snarls Financial Markets, JPMorgan Investment Chief Says

The JPMorgan exec says a recession is "inevitable" as panic ripples through the banking world, The market will go through a "washing out process" in the coming months, adding that "we expect more problems."

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Market Watch: BlackRock's Larry Fink Warns of 'Slow Rolling Crisis' as Fed's Inflation Fight Drags on for Years

Fink expects there could be other dominos to fall as inflation continues to rage.He pointed to years of easy-money policies for laying the groundwork for this by forcing investors to reach for returns by buying increasingly risky and illiquid assets.

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Bloomberg News: Gold Surges and Copper Slumps as SVB Sparks Flight to Havens

It's a rapid turnaround for gold, which has now jumped past its 50-day moving average, signaling a change in momentum. "Any escalating financial sector distress would almost certainly see a fresh safe haven buying!"

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