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Money & Markets: Inflation Will Dominate The Next Five Years

This is the big financial story of our time: Inflate or Die. Either the feds continue to lie persuasively by inflating prices, or the truth comes out and the bubble deflates!

Financial Post: The Storm is Coming and Investors Need a Financial Ark to See Them Through

In the minds of many, short-term performance trumps long-term preparedness!

Market Watch: Silver Rallies to Its Highest in Over a Year, Plays Catch up to Gold Gains

Silver may make a move toward $20/oz if gold climbs to $1,500 or more: analyst

CNBC: Ray Dalio Says Gold Will Be a Top Investment During Upcoming Paradigm Shift for Global Markets

I believe that it would be both risk-reducing and return-enhancing to consider adding gold to your portfolio!

Fox Business Channel: US Deficit Could Top $1 Trillion in 2019

The new Trump debt projections look scary!

Money & Markets - Dalio: A Recession Is on the Horizon so It is Time to Consider Gold

Instead of letting inflation set fire your cash sitting in a low-interest savings account, Dalio said, take the leap and invest in gold!

Bloomberg News - Trading a Currency War: Stay Clear, Buy Gold, Deutsche Bank Says

By far the most direct and simple way to trade the complexities of a currency war is by going long gold!

Market Watch: Investor Who Nailed the 1987 Crash Ditches Stocks and Bonds and Here is Why

Berg uses a trove of proprietary indicators and historical data to make his calls.

Money & Markets - Gundlach: Corporate Debt is a Ticking Time Bomb

In the next recession, you would probably see an enormous increase in the national debt!

Financial Post: Signs of a Looming U.S. Recession are Building, if You Look Beneath the Surface

Valuations in the equity market have been massively inflated by zero-negative interest rates!