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Forbes: Why the Next Recession Will be Different

Simply blowing it off is not an option, especially for anyone within 10 years of retirement!

Kitco News - Bank of America: Gold Benefitting As Central Banks De-Dollarize

Although Russia and China appear to be leading the de-dollarization trend, the analysts note that Europe is also jumping on to the diversification bandwagon!

Forbes: The Coming Bear Market Will Be Especially Painful For The Boomers

Bear markets that are followed by a recession take a very long time to recover. They also tend to be in the 40 to 50% loss range!

Money & Markets - David Stockman: Rally Is Day Traders, Chart Monkeys, 40% Crash Coming

Stockman said the S&P 500 will plunge to 1,600 or lower!

ETF Daily News: Why This Analyst is Uber-bullish on Silver

I really like the silver set-up. It is not because I am a silver bug. I am perfectly agnostic when it comes to metals!

Commodity Trade Mantra: 7 Things You Did not Know about Silver Trading in the Modern World

Investing in silver comes with a plethora of benefits, one of which is risk mitigation!

Money & Markets - Peter Schiff: We are Borrowing Ourselves Into Poverty

Fiscal year 2018, the debt increased $1.27 trillion, more than double the increase in 2005.

Wall Street Journal: Silver, not Gold, is the Portfolio Insurance to Buy Now!

Portfolio insurance is cheap today. If you own silver, hold on. If not, buy it!

Washington Post: The Federal Deficit Ballooned at Start of New Fiscal Year, Up 77 Percent from a Year Before

If you take 22 trillion miles, total distance, you would fly from Earth to Pluto and back 3,081 times!