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CNN Money - Alan Greenspan to Investors: 'Run for Cover'

He warned investors that the correction would be painful!

Money Morning: A Stock Market Crash Is Coming, and This Chart Shows Why

How Corporate Debt Will Wreak Economic Havoc in 2019!

24/7 Wall Street: Gold Becomes Hugely Attractive as Other Assets Falter

Gold often has its day as an investment when other markets become dangerous. That time has come again!

Bloomberg News: 14,889,930,106,680 Reasons to Fear Recession

Itís been the worst rout since 1901!

CNBC - Cramer: It Is Not a Safe Market! in Fact, It Is the Most Treacherous Stock Market I've Seen in Many a Year

I think that there is a lot of people who say, I got to get out. I got to get out, because everyone else is getting out

CNBC: Market Sell-off Was Not an Isolated Event and Expect More Sharp Falls Next Year, BIS Warns!

The latest wave of heavy selling in financial markets is a clear sign of things to come.

CNBC: The Stock Market is on Pace for Its Worst December Since the Great Depression

Two benchmark U.S. stock indexes are careening toward a historically bad December.

Fox Business Channel: Why the US Economy Will Likely Fall into a Recession Next Year!

There's 100 percent chance we're going to get another recession!

Market Watch: Stock Investors, You Have Now Been Warned For The Last Time!

There are six warning signs that the bull market in U.S. stocks will soon be over!

New York Times: Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019?

Here are five ways things could get bad for everyone!