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Newsmax - Peter Schiff: Fed to Hike Rates Until Gigantic Bubble Pops

This is the mother of all bubbles!

Investors Business Daily: Will Our Monstrous Debt Swallow America's Prosperity?

Every 1% gain in interest rates adds $200 billion to our annual interest on the national debt!

CNBC: Paul Tudor Jones Says We are in a Global Debt Bubble and Headed for Some Scary Moments!

Global debt to GDP is at an all-time high!

CNBC: Wells Fargo Turns Positive on Gold, Here is How the Firm Sees it Going

$1,200 an ounce currently is not so bad when you look around at all these different assets prices getting crushed.

Money Morning: The Price of Silver Is Now Massively Oversold

This extreme strongly suggests silver could soon see big gains relative to gold.

Yahoo Finance - Gundlach: The U.S. Economy Seems to Be on a Suicide Mission

U.S. is already in deep debt, and experiencing a troubling deficit-to-GDP during a good economy.

Bloomberg News: Greenspan Says U.S. May Be Seeing First Signs of Inflation

Greenspan said a rising U.S. debt burden could derail the current expansion.

Daily Wealth: Extreme Pessimism in Precious Metals Points to Triple-Digit Upside

We saw similar bearish levels in 1997, 2002. Each sentiment extreme led to major rallies in silver.

Market Watch: In a Chaotic 2019, Gold will be the Best House in a Bad Neighborhood

Capital preservation will grip the world in 2019, reviving currency wars, which will boost gold’s safe-haven allure.

Yellen Speaks Out on Deficit Solutions - You Won't Like Them!

Another politician wants to balance the budget on YOUR back...