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Forbes: The United States Desperately Needs Inflation and You Need Gold

We came into this virus war with $23 trillion of federal debt and we will probably exit the fiscal 2020 year at close to $30 trillion!

Market Watch: Founder of World's Largest Hedge Fund Doubles Down on 'Cash is Trash', Warning of Debt-fueled Inflation

Ray Dalio says government spending will soon erode the value of the U.S. dollar!

CNBC: Gold is Back Above $1,700. Charts Suggest an Even Bigger Rally

Gold and silver each have tremendously bullish technical setups that cannot go ignored!

Bloomberg News: The No. 1 Source of Stock Demand Is a Goner, for Years to Come

"The absence of risk-free instruments that can deliver positive real return and at least a risk of higher inflation further bolster the case for gold."

Fox Business: Coronavirus Catapulting US into Deepest Recession Since WW2

The US economy will contract at an annualized 38% in the second quarter: Morgan Stanley

Market Watch - 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' Robert Kiyosaki: Don't save your money! Spend it on the 'best buy for future security'

"Silver is the most undervalued, lowest-risk, best investment of all asset classes!"

Washington Examiner: Stephen Moore Warns of Modern-day 'Great Depression' if Economy Doesn't Reopen Soon

"If we go much past May 1, we are facing a potential Great Depression scenario!"

Market Watch: Brace for the 'Deepest Recession on Record,' Says BofA Analysts, as Jobless Claims Surge to 6.6 Million

"This will be the deepest recession on record, nearly five times more severe than the post-war average!"

Forbes: Gold Prices to Continue Rising as Coronavirus Upends Global Economy

"The trend for gold is going to continue to go up even after recent volatility!"

CNBC: Beware of Chasing Bear Market Rallies, Strategists Warn

"The full extent of the economic fallout is still unknown, and equity and credit markets still face considerable risks!"