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Money & Markets: 'Sign of Sickness' - Worry Grows That Negative Interest Rates Are the New Norm

"There is a real danger in misplaced faith in the capacity of central banks to fix all these growth challenges!"

Bloomberg News: JPMorgan Warns U.S. Money-Market Stress to Get Much Worse

JPMorgan says it's not convinced the Fed has resolved the issues in the funding markets!

Commodity Trade Mantra: Only Gold and Silver Investors Will Sleep Well

The acceleration phase of stocks plunging and gold surging is imminent!

Forbes - Coming Soon to America: The Incredible Shrinking Savings Account

There are reasons to be very afraid for the safety of your cash even if you live in America!

Market Watch: U.S. Stock Market is Overvalued, IMF Says

When markets have stretched valuations, it raises the possibility of sharp sudden adjustments, the report warned!

New York Post: Fed's Back Printing Money - So What Gives?

The big question now: Is there a new crisis that has the Fed dusting off QE?

Investing: Gold Looks Good and Silver Looks Great

For silver, all roads probably lead to the $22-$25 area. For gold, all roads likely lead to $1600-$1800.

Fox Business: A Major Threat to the US Economy - Our Debt is a Dark Cloud Over a Sunny Outlook

The strength of the dollar will also weaken as our budget deficit is seen as more and more unsustainable!

Market Watch: One Look at This and You'll Get Why Warren Buffett Sits on a Record Cash Pile

Evans warns that there's "very little to the upside" and "very much to the downside" in the current climate.!

Bloomberg News: Silver Glitters in India as Record Prices Dull Gold's Luster

India's June-August silver imports nearly doubled from a year ago levels!