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Precious Metals News

dollar sign breaking apart, pixel by pixel

Yahoo! Finance: A shift away from the US dollar is happening in real time, and investors must be ready

Investors may need to begin to revise their long-term investment strategies

banker asleep at his desk

MSN: As Fed stands pat on interest rates, there are 'a lot of zombie banks out there'

We see more risks of bank failures, and a lot of forced consolidation across banking

dead flowers on a gravestone

The Street: After 50 Years, Death of the Petrodollar Signals End of U.S. Hegemony

The petrodollar, which has been in place since 1974, officially expired on June, 9, 2024

gold arrows heading up and to the right atop gold bars Gold prices likely to reach as high as $3,000/oz over the next 12 months: Citi

Gold prices could surge up to $3,000 over the next 12 months, Citi analysts said

bank facade with the word bank in large letters

Yahoo! Finance: Pimco Warns of More Regional Bank Failures on Property Pain

Pacific Investment Management Co. expects more regional bank failures

Fingers holding a small ingot of gold

CNBC: Gold is Getting Harder to Find as Miners Struggle to Excavate More, World Gold Council Says

In 2022, the growth was 1.35% year on year, the year before it was 2.7%, while in 2020, global gold production logged the first decline in a decade, sliding 1%. New gold deposits are becoming harder to find around the world as many prospective areas have already been explored

a red Singapore passport

CNBC: Singapore is set to lead the gold market as center of gravity shifts east, World Gold Council says

Singapore is set to become a leading gold hub as trading shifts east, according to the World Gold Council.

bars of gold on a silver platter with a dome

Seeking Alpha: The Market Wizard of Odds Issues Another Bullish Proclamation About Gold and Silver

I am expecting that we will likely move up to the $2700 region in gold for the next rally I expect to begin over the coming weeks. I am expecting a major catch-up move in silver during 2024, which can even take us beyond the $40 mark in quite a rapid move.

a dollar being cut with a fork and knife on a plate

Washington Examiner: Interest on the national debt now eats up 18% of our tax revenue

For a fifth year in a row and just eight months into fiscal 2024, the federal deficit has blown past the $1 trillion mark

a wad of $100 bills floating midair

The Motley Fool: Berkshire Hathaway's $189 Billion Cash Stockpile Is Larger Than Ever. Should Investors Be Concerned?

Berkshire Hathaway finished the first quarter with $189 billion in cash and short-term investments on its books.

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