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Palm Beach Daily News: Not Even the Bond King Can Escape Income Exodus

Long-term bondholders will see double-digit losses in their supposedly 'safe' bond portfolios

Lombardi: Dr. Copper Is Saying That a Global Recession Could Be Ahead

Investors beware: your portfolios could be on the line

Forbes: It's Time For Contrarians To Get Bullish On Gold

Despite a stronger dollar, gold is still up for the 36-month period

GoldSeek: Gold And Silver: Similar To 2008

Anyone who is shaken out of their gold and silver right now will regret looking back a year from now

Reuters: Russia Says Dollar's Days Numbered As Global Trade Currency

The U.S. dollar role as a global currency is in decline

CNBC: Mark Cuban Owns Just a Handful of Stocks and A Whole Lot of Cash Because He is Worried about the Market

There is just no way where you can say, 'I just trust everything that's going on'

Fortune: The End is Near For the Economic Boom

Growth will slow. The bull market will expire. Here is why and what you need to do about it.

NASDAQ: Core Inflation Picks Up to a 10-Year High

As inflation increases, demand for gold moves north

CNBC: Workers See Their Paychecks Get Smaller as Inflation Continues to Rise

Hourly and weekly earnings languished when factoring in the rise in cost of living

Silver Seek: The Next Silver Run To $50 And Beyond

The third run to $50 silver and beyond should be at hand