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The Hill: Think Our $20 Trillion Debt is Bad? Get a Load of the Real Number

The liability number is pushed closer to $80 trillion.

Bloomberg News: U.S. Insiders Dump $10 Billion of Stock in Cautionary Signal

Insiders have accelerated their selling of U.S. equities

Des Moines Register: Soaring U.S. Debt Shows GOP is Not the Party of Fiscal Responsibility

Republican-led tax cuts are pushing the country toward unprecedented debt

CNBC - Bank of America: The 'Great Bull' Market is 'Dead,' and Here is What is Next

Focus on inflation plays in commodities.

Liberty Nation - Warren Buffett: 'Market Collapse will be on YOU!'

The truth is is that itís not different this time!

CNBC - Cohn: 'Another Trillion in Debt, Here We Come.'

The national debt is expected to rise to $28.7 trillion

Commodity Trade Mantra: High Inflation and Unemployment, Terminal Phase of the Greatest Debt Bubble in Global History

Do not believe the hype!

The Telegraph: The Next Downturn Could Rival the Great Depression and Wipe $10 Trillion Off US Household Assets

The world's major economies are skating on dangerously thin ice

ETF Daily News: How to Know When to Buy Gold

Do you still wonder why China and Russia are loading up on physical Gold? Follow the smart money

Barron's: Investors See a Bargain in Silver, but Is It for Real?

We believe that we are on the verge of another financial crisis