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Precious Metals News

Buy Gold, Buy Silver - Gold, Silver: Last Opportunity to Buy Low Before Prices Take Off

You won't regret the price you buy at today and believe me, when the next few banks fail and people lose faith in the Fed, you'll see many have to buy higher just to protect what they have.

CNBC: Gold price hits $2,100 for record high - and analysts don't expect it to stop there

Gold prices are expected to remain above $2,000 levels next year

Buy Gold and Silver, Market Crash, Recession

Barron's: Is a Recession Coming? Take a Look at Credit-Card Delinquencies

My work projects that bullion will test its $2,075 record high in the coming months. And once it has a monthly close above $2,100, my work projects a long-term advance to $3,500 or more.

Recession, Buy Gold and Silver

Market Watch: Economy Still Flashing Recession Signs, U.S. Leading Index Finds

"The Conference Board expects elevated inflation, high interest rates, and contracting consumer spending - due to depleting pandemic saving and mandatory student loan repayments - to tip the U.S. economy into a recession."

Digital Dollar, Buy Gold and Silver

CNBC: IMF Says Central Bank Digital Currencies Can Replace Cash: 'This is Not the Time to Turn Back'

According to a 2022 survey, of the 86 central banks surveyed, 93% said they were exploring CBDCs. "The level of global interest in CBDCs is unprecedented. Several central banks have already launched pilots or even issued a CBDC," the IMF said

Market Crash, Buy Gold, Recession

Markets Insider: Prepare for Stocks to Plummet 30% - And a Recession to Strike Any Day Now, Legendary Market Prophet Says

"We probably do have a recession coming shortly, if we're not already in it. When you look at that combination of things, it's pretty hard to escape a recession,."

Dollar Crash, US Debt, Buy Gold, Buy Silver

CNBC: Moody's Cuts U.S. Outlook to Negative, Citing Deficits and Political Polarization

"Continued political polarization within US Congress raises the risk that successive governments will not be able to reach consensus on a fiscal plan to slow the decline in debt affordability."

Buy Gold, Buy Silver, Dollar Crash

Markets Insider: Jim Rogers Touts Gold and Silver Over Stocks and Real Estate

"We have staggering amounts of money printing in the last year or two all over the world, and we're going to have worse inflation, it's not over yet. We're all going to pay the price."

Buy Gold, Dollar Crash

Bloomberg News: China Extends Run of Gold Buying That's Helped Support Prices

China's government has been among the biggest stockpilers of gold in the past year as nations from Poland to Singapore diversify their financial reserves by adding the precious metal.

Us Debt, Government Spending, Dollar Crash, Buy Gold

Bloomberg News: US Debt Interest Bill Rockets Past a Cool $1 Trillion a Year

"There will be further increases to Treasury coupon auctions and T-bills outstanding going forward. Besides deficits of over $2 trillion in the foreseeable future, climbing maturities following the increase of issuance from March 2020 will also need to be refinanced."

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Lear does not provide financial advice and is a for profit retailer.
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