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Newsmax Finance- Jim Cramer: Buy Gold If You Fear Stocks!

The best way to protect yourself from economic chaos is by owning some gold now, I have been saying this for years!

Kitco News: Exploding U.S. Debt to Drive Gold Prices Higher - Tocqueville

In our opinion, equities stand at the cusp of a bear market that could last three to five years!

Investor Place: There is a Stealth Bull Market in Gold. Are You Missing It?

10% Gains Since Summer Are Just the Beginning!

Market Watch: U.S. Economy could Slip from Top Spot in 2020 and Keep Slipping, Analysts Say

America days as the world most powerful economy are numbered!

Are Millennials a Leading Indicator?

Can millennials tell us something about the future of our economy?

Bloomberg News: BlackRock Heaps Praise on Gold Role as a Tough Year Opens

What we see value in right now, is gold value as a diversifier!

CNBC: Fed Chairman Powell Says He is Very Worried about Growing Amount of U.S. Debt

it is a long-run issue that we definitely need to face, and ultimately, will have no choice but to face!

Market Watch: Fitch Warns of Possible Downgrade to U.S. AAA Credit Rating if Shutdown Persists

you can see the interest burden in the U.S. government moving decidedly higher over the next decade!

New York Times: Federal Deficit Climbs Again, Putting It on Track for $1 Trillion This Year

Our lawmakers seem unwilling to pay for anything and they just keep adding to the debt!

Commodity Trade Mantra: Here is why I Believe that Silver is now Clearly in a Bull Market

Bull market rallies in silver prices are substantial when gold to silver ratios are high, such as now!