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Daily Wealth: Why Now Is the Best Time to Prepare for a Bear Market

Now is the time to start pulling back a little bit on the investment throttle!

Forbes: The Coming Pension Crisis Is So Big That It's A Problem For Everyone!

We have multiple parties fighting over pieces of the same pie, all hoping that Uncle Sam will step in and save them!

Market Watch: Charts Suggest There Could Be a Bull Market in Gold After Eight Lean Years

This pattern, if triggered, may be quite powerful, as it implies a $1,520 target for gold.

Independent Institute: Will Corporate Debt Set Off the Next Financial Crisis?

Corporate Debt has now reached $10 trillion, which means it is 60 percent higher than it was a decade ago!

Reuters: Debt Bubbles could Burst as Economies Slow, Threatening Stability, Bankers Warn

The question is, with the debt level where it is, can central banks ever afford to let interest rates go back up because it will lead to a major bankruptcy wave!

Visual Capitalist: How Billionaires are Preparing for the Next Bear Market

What kind of asset classes can be used for this kind of purpose?

CNBC: Jeffrey Gundlach Warns of Recession Driven by Cocktail of Economic Risk

Do not be picking up dimes in front of a steam roller! The fundamentals are poor and the valuations are high!

Money & Markets: Jim Rogers Warns the Worst Bear Market Is Coming

These things always start small, where people are not looking and then they work to the major markets.

FX Street: When Overvalued and Dangerous Markets Meet Stagflation

February and October of last year proved beyond a doubt how fragile this market is!

Daily Wealth: Read This if You're Frustrated With Gold Right Now!

I believe we'll see a huge rally as investors once again flock to this safe-haven asset! And it could happen relatively soon!