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Forbes: Why Gold Could Rise For the Next 10 Years

it is only a matter of time before the U.S. dollar price of gold shoots upward. The long-term factors are very constructive!

Wall Street Journal: The Long Bull Market Has Failed to Fix Public Pensions

Sums owed to retirees are accelerating faster than assets on hand to pay those future obligations!

CNBC: Gold could Hit $1,400 by the End of 2019, Expert Says

We expect gold to end the year on a strong note, and potentially matching the highs from five years ago!

Commodity Trade Mantra: Rather than Fixing, We are Compounding Yesterday Mistakes, Buy Gold and Silver

The end part of this story is how good all this is for gold.

Fortune Magazine: The Deficit Is Growing Far Faster Than Predicted

This year, the cost of interest on the debt has run $896 million every day!

Market Watch: There is No Safe Place to Hide from the Consequences of the Biggest Bubble Yet

Risk of another big crash is high, but the alternative outcome may be just as bad!

CNBC - Alan Greenspan: Economy will start to fade very dramatically

Greenspan said much of the improvement has come from a rise in stock market prices!

Market Watch: Guggenheim Says The Ensuing Stock Market Fall Will Be Brutal

Guggenheim expects the S&P 500 to sink by 40-50%

Market Watch: The Joy Ride for Stocks from Central Banks is Over, Says Strategist

Welcome to the calm before the storm!

CNBC: American Savers Lost an Estimated $500 Billion Due to Low Interest Rates Since the Financial Crisis

Savers are still paying due to the financial crisis!