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Market Watch: There's a Simple Reason That Gold is Falling Along with Coronavirus-afflicted Global Stocks

Lundin expects to see "much higher" gold prices in the weeks and month ahead!"

Business Insider: The S&P 500 Suffers Its Quickest Correction Since the Great Depression

The index's rapid downturn has also pushed the S&P 500 to 14.5% below its February 19 high as of Friday morning

Money & Markets - Peter Schiff: The Economy Is a Bubble, Coronavirus Is the Pin

"Speculators are buying into the dollar because they falsely believe it's a safe haven. It's not. They should be buying gold!"

Bloomberg News: Goldman Sees Virus Lifting Gold to $1,800 as 'Last Resort' Haven

Goldman also raised its silver forecast.

How to Spot an Investment Scam

Market Watch: Dow Sees Biggest Back-to-back Point Drop on Record Amid Coronavirus Jitters

All three major equity indexes are negative year-to-date.

Money & Markets - Rosenberg's Recession Alert: 'Market Is Telling You Nothing About the Economy'

He's also a big fan of gold "because it's inversely correlated with interest rates," and central banks are looking to the yellow metal for diversification.

Real Money: What the Fed Giveth, the Coronavirus Taketh Away

The coronavirus is just a spanner in the works that proves how weak the system really is!

Reuters: Gold Jumps Over 2% as Virus Spread Spurs Safe-haven Demand

Financial uncertainty and low interest rates are also bolstering demand for gold!

The Street: Heed These Words: Risk-Off, Flight to Safety

Bonds and gold are safe. That is why you should be selling portions of your holdings of stocks to buy them today!