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Market Watch: Two Surveys of Global Businesses Slump to Gloomiest Level Since Recession

It's as bad a time for the global economy as any since the end of the last recession!

Bulls, Bears and Unicorns

How Consumer Tech is Blowing the Next Wall Street Bubble

CNBC: The Fed's Monetary Juice Has Tied Directly to the Rise in Stocks: 'Here We Go Again'

"This really speaks to the idea that once again we're on the brink of potentially being in this bubble!"

International Business Times - Debt Bomb: IMF Warns Global Debt Threatening World's Economic And Financial Stability

U.S. public debt currently stands at a record $23 trillion, or $186.58 per taxpayer!

Forbes: Modern Central Banking Is More Vulnerable Than We Think

Something weird happened in September, for reasons that remain a little murky. The repurchase agreement or "repo" market seized up.

Money & Markets - Celente: Fed's 'Monetary Methadone' Causing 'The Greatest Depression'

"We're pumping in $60 billion a month to buy Treasurys - oh and by the way, $120 billion a day into the repo markets."

Market Watch: Founder of world's biggest hedge fund warns of 'big squeeze' with investors 'buying dreams rather than earnings'

Dalio says we're headed to a 'warlike environment'

Bloomberg News: Calls Persist for Negative U.S. Yields Even as Fed Signals Pause

Bank of America sees a risk that yields on some Treasuries will go negative by 2021 as the U.S. central bank cuts rates all the way to zero!

The Washington Post: Negative Interest Rates

President Donald Trump has complained that the Federal Reserve has avoided negative rates!

Money & Markets - Peter Schiff: 'When Will the Market Wake Up to This Game, This Con?'

Schiff argues that Fed Chief Jerome Powell himself doesn't believe the economy is strong or he wouldn't be cutting rates.