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Precious Metals News

Jeff Bezos, Jamie Dimon, and Mark Zuckerberg have sold stock worth about $9 billion.

They might think markets can't go much higher

Banking Crisis, Dollar Crash, Market Crash, Buy Gold

Barron's: A Banking Crisis Could Be Closer Than You Think

Schmelzing stressed that a year isn't long enough to know if a crisis has been averted. He said that "systemic crises tend to be drawn-out affairs" with "long tails." Schmelzing said that a helpful guidepost is the timeline of the 2007-09 financial crisis.

Dollar Crash, Buy Gold, Buy Silver

Bloomberg News: US Risks Fiscal Crisis After Soaring Borrowing, Blanchard Warns

The huge deficit seen last year has caused concern as it comes after a rise in interest rates and when the economy is growing. US government debt held by the public topped $26 trillion in 2023, or 97% of GDP.

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CNBC: Gold at $3,000 and Oil at $100 By 2025? Citi Analysts Don't Rule it Out

"The most likely wildcard path to $3,000/oz gold is a rapid acceleration of an existing but slow-moving trend: de-dollarization across Emerging Markets central banks that in turn leads to a crisis of confidence in the U.S. dollar."

Recession, Market Crash, Buy Gold

Markets Insider: Recession is Coming And it Could Send Stocks Plummeting 26%, Strategist Says

US has an 85% chance of slipping into a downturn, the highest probability recorded since the 2008 Great Financial Crisis. Once the economy does slip into a recession, stocks will be vulnerable, she added, especially since investors appear so bullish about the market.

Trump in court

Real Estate Market Will Collapse - Donald Trump Attorney

"The irony here is that in the next 12-18 months, many commercial properties are likely going to go into default..."

Dollar Crash, Market Crash, Buy Gold and Silver

CNBC: 'A Slow Fiscal Death' Awaits Some Countries in This 'Decade of Debt,' Says Economist Arthur Laffer

As a share of the global gross domestic product, debt has risen to 336%. This compares to an average debt-to-GDP ratio of 110% in 2012 for advanced economies. It was 334% in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Dollar Crash, Recession, Market Crash, National Debt

Fox Business: Government Spending and Borrowing Puts Us Squarely on the Road to Bankruptcy

Biden's spending as a share of GDP goes from 21% of GDP to 24%. His borrowing goes from 48% of the economy to 116% of the economy and, even with all that government stimulus, the economy is projected to grow by barely 2% over the next ten years.

Buy Silver, Buy Gold

Investing Haven: Silver Set to Rise To $30 This Year, But Where is Momentum?

The data points don't lie: silver is a screaming buy, widely undervalued. There is a silver supply shortage, historical undervaluation of silver compared to gold. We see two bullish targets: $34.70 and $50.00.

Dollar Crash, Buy Gold

Investing News Network - Andy Schectman: How to Win When the Dollar's Hegemony Ends

In October, you have the BRICS meeting, where they're going to announce which countries have been admitted, and maybe even a commonly backed currency. And I would say to you the likelihood of having something happen with gold grows by the day.

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