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Market Watch: Stock Investors, You Have Now Been Warned For The Last Time!

There are six warning signs that the bull market in U.S. stocks will soon be over!

New York Times: Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019?

Here are five ways things could get bad for everyone!

Fox Business Channel - Alan Greenspan: US Economy Not Accelerating By Any Means!

In Greenspan opinion, the U.S. has entered a period of stagflation driven by runaway spending and entitlement programs.

Los Angeles Times: Under Trump, the U.S. Debt Grew by the Size of the Brazilian Economy in Just Two Years

By the end of Trump first term, the debt is expected to rise by $4.4 trillion!

Money Week: How Much Gold Does China Have? A Lot More Than You Think!

China does not like to disclose all its gold purchases!

CNBC: Gundlach Says Stocks are Breaking Down, Bonds are Overvalued and the Fed is on a Suicide Mission

The Fed seems to be on a suicide mission, raising rates while the deficit increases.

Newsweek: Is a Recession Coming? CFOs Predict 2019 Recession, Majority Expect Pre-2020 Market Crash

U.S. economy decade-long growth is set to collide with worsening debt woes!

CNBC: Yellen Warns of Another Potential Financial Crisis: Gigantic Holes in the System!

Yellen says I do worry that we could have another financial crisis.

Market Watch: Sell the Rally Replaces Buy the Dip as Battered Market Enters Critical Week

It is not the norm any more!

Bloomberg News: Market Moves Suggest a Recession Is Unavoidable

Just about everyone I talk to on Wall Street acknowledges that things are slowing down.