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Inflation Gold

Investor Place: Watch Out for Inflation

Over time, inflation can wield a shockingly large impact. It has the power to destroy fixed income investments and also the power to crush stock market returns!

Dollar Crash Gold Silver

Investing.com - Gold And Silver: The Next Chapter

Take any reasonable time frame and your gold has more purchasing power at the end of it than your dollar! Holding your gold and silver is insurance that has held the test of time for hundreds of years.

Recession Gold Silver

The Hill - Coming Soon: Biden's Full-blown Recession

Eventually, the house of cards built through sweeping tax hikes, paying people not to work, rampant money printing, and borrowing will lead the nation to a 1789 moment!

National Debt Dollar Collapse

Yahoo Finance: If the US Defaults on Debt, Expect the Dollar to Fall - and with it, Americans' Standard of Living

The effect of the U.S. defaulting would be catastrophic. The dollar's value could collapse, and the economy would sink back into recession.

Market Crash

The Federalist: Why Are Democrats Hurtling the United States Towards a Stock Market Crash?

Despite recent hedge fund disasters and almost every economic indicator pointing to a potential stock crash, President Biden and his administration has ignored a potential equities bubble!

Dollar in Danger

New York Post: Biden's Soviet-raised Pick for Treasury Post Sought End to Banking 'As We Know It'

"Ms. Omarova has called for 'radically reshaping the basic architecture and dynamics of modern finance' including nationalizing retail banking!"

Silver to Soar

Investing.com - Silver: Elliott Wave Set Up Can Send Price 50% Higher

Back in March 2020, hardly anyone expected that silver price would nearly triple over the following five months. Most people are underestimating its potential in a similar way now!

Inflation Gold

CNBC: Key Inflation Gauge Watched By the Federal Reserve Hits Another 30-year High

PCE prices rose 0.4% for the month and 4.3% year over year, the highest since January 1991. That reflected a 24.9% increase in energy prices and a 2.8% rise in food. Goods prices rose by 5.5% while services increased by 3.6%.

Market Crash

Business Insider: Jeremy Grantham Says US Stocks Are in a Crazier Bubble Than in 1929

The famous investor told CNBC on Tuesday equities are in a "magnificent bubble! No-one can predict exactly when a bubble will pop, but it could happen any time now!"

Market Crash

Investing.com: The Market Crash Nobody Thinks Possible, Is Coming!

What I'm calling for is a 'rip your face off, weeping bitter tears over the grave of the speculative wealth that you thought was forever' crash!

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