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Why Buy Gold?

Gold is maintaining its stance at the forefront of smart investment options. Our clients value their retirement; therefore, many are depending on a gold individual retirement account. Unlike gold investments, the value of traditional individual retirement accounts could potentially drop if the economy is in crisis. Retirees don’t want their funds eroded by inflation or stock market crashes, so they are opting to diversify with gold. Banks and the government are often less influential on the value and performance of gold; so many clients are interested in utilizing their current individual retirement account for a Gold IRA rollover. In fact, many analysts believe now is the time to buy gold, as it is set to increase in value.

Why Choose Lear Capital to Manage Your Precious Metals?

The gold authorities at Lear Capital have been assisting clients with diversifying their savings with gold for over a decade. Gold combines a tangible asset with the modern tax-advantaged features of an IRA, which is beneficial for many Americans. Gold IRAs also help diversify against volatility in your portfolio. The trend of investing in gold has been steadfast — even global central banks buy gold in quantity. If you would like to own gold, the experts at Lear Capital can help you with your purchase and your gold IRA rollover.

Gold May Increase Your Wealth

When it comes to profit and wealth accumulation, there are important things to know when considering gold. Contrary to gold, investments like savings, retirement accounts, and financial portfolios are all influenced by international trade, global debt, and economies around the world. Gold is key because it has global appeal. In fact, gold is the only international currency that has been tested by time and in every corner of the world. Historically, gold has consistently been a prosperous investment.

What Types of Precious Metals Should You Invest In?

Gold comes in many forms. Which is right for you? It depends on your goals. When looking to purchase gold online, questioning the types of gold is common; however which type you invest in depends greatly on the goals you have. Some gold clients want to simply hedge financial uncertainty and capitalize on the gold price movement while others turn to gold because they are concerned with the possibility of capital controls. The gold experts at Lear Capital will help you choose the best gold products to reach your individual goals.

When Is the Right Time To Buy Gold?

If you have already decided to buy gold and silver coins online, now could be the right time. The real goal with gold is typically to diversify so that your overall wealth is not compromised by potential economic dangers and uncertainties.

Why Choose An IRA?

We are in the midst of troubled times and gold has historically been the ultimate hedge against economic crisis. Therefore, investors are buying gold for their Individual Retirement Accounts. Opposite of gold, traditional IRA accounts depend upon a select group of stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds which are positively linked to the economy. And when the economy suffers, the value of many IRA accounts begins to plunge. Gold tends to move opposite the market. Gold has actually outperformed the Dow over certain time spans, which is why so many investors are turning to gold and putting a portion of their retirement in gold.

A Simple Precious Metals IRA

Adding physical gold to your current individual retirement account is a simple process. When you open a Gold IRA, it is established as a Self-Directed individual retirement account. A Self-Directed IRA is a retirement account that allows account holders the freedom to invest in alternative assets such as precious metals like gold and silver. You can choose to transfer your entire individual retirement account, or any portion of it, into a new Self-Directed Gold IRA. This common practice with gold is known as a “Direct Transfer”. The Direct Transfer of gold is a tax-free and penalty-free transaction, since you are simply moving funds from one IRA custodian to another custodian that works with gold. In some cases, you can also rollover your IRA or 401(K) and redeposit the funds into the new Gold IRA account within 60 days. You may roll over the same money, including gold, once every 12 months to preserve the tax-deferred status of your retirement savings.

Which Accounts Are Eligible for A Rollover?

Nearly every investor that is interested in gold wants to know what accounts are eligible for gold purchases. Many individuals have old 401(k) accounts or other types of qualified retirement plans from previous employers such as a 403(b), 457(b), Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), annuities or pension plans. These plans can be converted tax-free into a Gold IRA by simply requesting a gold rollover. The Lear Capital in-house Individual Retirement Account Processing Department can handle all of the details of the gold rollover for you, which usually involves contacting the custodian of your plan and instructing them to release the funds directly into your new gold individual retirement account. To find out if your retirement account is eligible for a gold rollover, call us today to speak with one of our gold specialists. Our experts can assist you with any questions you have about starting to buy gold for your retirement account.

It’s Easy to Begin Your Precious Metals Rollover

The gold experts at Lear Capital have been helping clients hedge their savings with gold for over a decade. More Americans are turning to Gold IRAs because they combine a physical, tangible asset with the modern tax-advantaged features of an individual retirement account. Gold also helps diversify against the volatility and risk of your retirement portfolio. By having gold, clients may potentially preserve wealth and may even maintain IRA dollars by increasing the store of value of physical gold to their retirement plans. The gold experts at Lear Capital can help you buy gold for your gold IRA rollover.

The experts at Lear Capital have streamlined the Precious Metal IRA process into 3 Easy Steps!

Step One: Complete the IRA Account Form
Step Two: Determine the opening amount for your investment
Step Three: Open and fund your account with Lear Capital

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Lear Helping Prevent Fraud

Fraudsters have been making unsolicited calls and false claims, convincing their victims to purchase specific gold coins and/or bars. They then go to their victim’s house to “examine” the gold and steal it.

If you receive a call like this, please exercise extreme caution.