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Buy Gold and Silver in Inglewood, California

Located in the southeast section of Los Angeles County, Inglewood is a large urban area that is landlocked away from the famed SoCal beaches the area is famous for. That being said, Inglewood isn't suffering at all as they have their own claim to fame as an area that is relatively short distance from the main city of Los Angeles as well as those famous coastal beaches, but they are also known as an outstanding cultural Mecca of sorts as there are many famous people across many fields that hail from this area. Inglewood was the beginning home to individuals like Tyra Banks, Zoot Sima, and Brian Wilson among many others. The city also has a remarkable reputation as a place for coin collectors of all skill levels. The numismatic hobbies are alive and well here and there are plenty of great coin houses and precious metal shops that allow collectors to find something worth investigating no matter what they're specific preferences are.

Lear Capital have been America's Precious Metals leader since 1997, and we strive to not only earn your business but to maintain it with superior service. We can help you diversify your portfolio by buying gold, acquiring premium rare coins, or by rolling over your IRA to one that is backed by gold and silver.

California Numismatic Investments

California Numismatic Investments is one of the largest U.S. precious metal retailers and is located in Inglewood, California. The company is renowned for its online business, but also runs a two-story physical storefront in Inglewood. They offer a fantastic selection of rare collectible American coins, like Saint-Gaudens and Morgan, along with a broad assortment of the most popular international mintings.

(310) 674-3330
G525 West Manchester Blvd.
GInglewood, CA 90301

Panda America

Asia and the West Coast have had a close connection for a very long time. So it isn't at all surprising that Torrance is home to a company that specializes in Chinese Mint silver and gold panda coins. Panda America opened for business in 1982 as one of the very first American distribution outlets for Gold Panda Coins. For as long as these coins have been in production, the company has had a close association with them. Since that time, Panda America has expanded its offerings and now sells the newer Silver Panda along with other Chinese commemorative and collectible coins, and a wide assortment of many of other best international bullion and precious collectible coins.

800-4-PANDAS or (310) 373-9647
G19675 Mariner Avenue
GTorrance, CA 90503

South Bay Gold

South Bay Gold has three locations and is a local chain that purchases and sells precious materials. Collectible and bullion coins are among the items that the company deals in. They mainly sell American coins. However, South Bay Gold also carries some Australian, German, British, Mexican and Canadian products also. The location in Redondo Beach is only around 8 miles away from Inglewood, and is also called Finley's Jewelers, and is listed below. The company's other branches are located in Torrance and Manhattan Beach.

(310) 791-3052
G1709 South Catalina Avenue
GRedondo Beach, CA 90277

Wilshire Coin

Tucked away in the beautiful city of Santa Monica in Los Angeles County, Wilshire Coin has been in operation for 60 years and has over 140 combined years of experience on staff in numismatic appraisal expertise. The store deals in both numismatic and bullion coins, with the most common being American mintings. The company also carries Mexican, Chinese, Canadian, Austrian and Australian coins, in addition to silver bullion rounds and bars and an assortment of various other international precious metal coins. They purchase other items that have precious metal content in addition to coins; so if you happen to have a gold watch that is taking up too much space in your house, the company will be happy to turn it into coins or cash for you.

(310) 393-0661
1312 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

American Bullion

American Bullion provides precious metal IRAs with silver and gold, for anyone wanting to add precious metals to their investment portfolios. They carry various European and American bullion coins and are experts in rolling over an existing IRA account and making it a precious metals one.

(800) 326-9598
12301 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 650
Los Angeles, CA 90025