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Clearwater, Florida - Local Gold and Silver Dealers

Clearwater is the smallest city in the Tampa Bay area. Its original residents were the Tocobagas, who went south and emigrated to Cuba following the Seven Years' War against France. That was in the 1700's. Though, it did not start to see growth and building until the 1840's, when the area's population started to grow. It took the Federal Armed Occupation Act back in 1842 to attract residents. In exchange, residents had to be willing to farm the land and bear arms. The government granted 160 acres to anyone who could handle the conditions at the time. Peter Demens's first passenger railroad in 1888 in the area followed with a population explosion. Today's population is 107,600. Clearwater is a treasure trove for gold and silver buyers.

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Clearwater, Florida - Local Gold Dealers