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Cambridge, Massachusetts - Local Gold and Silver Dealers

Cambridge, Massachusetts was first developed in 1630 by close to a thousand Puritans. They originated in England and set off to find the new world. They settled in Cambridge given its potential for a defensible position at Massachusetts Bay. The region ultimately became one of the most iconic for the early years of the country. In 1631, the village of the Puritans was fully fortified. That exact location is the current home of Harvard Square. Cambridge ultimately went on to thrive thanks to its farming community. It rose to even greater prominence when Boston was appointed the colony capital. It went on to become one of the most crucial cities during the American Revolution. In 1775, none other than George Washington there. He lead the local militia in the Cambridge Common, a group that essentially served as the foundation for the United States' Army. Harvard University is seen as the central draw of Cambridge, but that's not the only international acclaim that the area has garnered. Another stalwart of education resides in the city: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Radcliffe College could also be found in the city before it was folded into Harvard in the late 1990s. As it stands, there's no denying that Cambridge is one of the most important educational hubs in the entire United States. The most recent census put the population of Cambridge at just over 100,000. As such, it is among the top 5 most populated in the state. There is a thriving culture and welcoming atmosphere in the city, and it's quite popular given its close distance from Boston. Of course, it also has a booming precious metals marketplace.

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Kenmore Collectibles

Kenmore Collectibles is located in the Fenway Park area, which is one of the popular touristic attractions of the region. A lot of the customers at Kenmore Collectibles are tourists, but this store is popular among locals too. You will find an impressive amount of Red Sox memorabilia and other sports collectible since this store is not far from the Green Monster, but you will also find a good selection of precious metals and paper currency.

(617) 482-5705
466 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

LBC Boutique & Loan

This business uses the name Cash for Gold Boston on its official site and offers a pawn shop service. You can visit the LBC Boutique & Loan store to see the coins and precious metal items available for sale.

(617) 821-6229
233 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144

The Gold Rush

This is a small family-owned business where the employees have decades of experience and an impressive knowledge of precious metals and jewelry. You will find wholesale prices on many items and can attend one of the precious metals events organized by The Gold Rush if you are interested in learning more about gold and silver. This store is 20 miles away from Cambridge but is worth visiting.

(508) 653-4653
85 Worcester Street
Natick, MA 01760

Boston Bullion

Boston Bullion is a fairly new business since it opened in 2006. If you stay in Burlington for a while, you will probably see the Boston Bullion commercials shown on local TV channels. This business will buy your gold and is not afraid to spend advertising dollars to reach out to late-night TV viewers.

(781) 710-8419
101 Cambridge St., Suite 280
Burlington, MA 01803