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Reno, Nevada - Local Gold and Silver Dealers

Going by the nickname of "The Biggest Little City in the World," Reno draws millions of tourists a year and is famous not only for having an amazing number of casinos for its size but also as being a great location to jump out to one of many natural parks in the area. Originally a silver boom town, Reno has grown since then and relies heavily on tourism to be a smaller different version of old Vegas before the big conglomerates all moved in.

Lear Capital have been America's Precious Metals leader since 1997, and we strive to not only earn your business but to maintain it with superior service. We can help you diversify your portfolio by purchasing bullion, acquiring premium rare coins, or by adding physical gold and silver to your existing IRA account.

Silver State Coin & Bullion

The Silver State Coin & Bullion company was founded in 1982. They are coin dealers who specialize in U.S. silver and gold coins. They offer bulk bags of 90% silver U.S coinage, .999 silver bars, proof and mint sets, modern U.S. coins, state quarters, and silver and gold American Eagle coins. Silver State Coin & Bullion also carries foreign coins like the South African Krugerrand and the Canadian Maple lead, as well as rare collective coins.

(775) 322-4166
44 W 1st St
Reno, NV 89501

Grand Gold Coins

The Grand Gold Coin store is one of the older coin stores in Reno. They’ve services Northern Nevada precious metal collectors since 1978. They are located in the Grand Sierra Resort and carries a vast selection of U.S. and foreign currency and coins, as well as numismatic collectibles and token. They are American Numismatic Association members and offer a wide selection of Carson City mint silver dollars, and U.S. coins ranging from pennies to dollars. They also have various foreign coins from around the world.

(775) 329-0621
2500 E 2nd St
Reno, NV 89502

Southgate Coins

Southgate Coins specialized in high-grade U.S. coins, including Carson City Mint silver coins. They are NGC and PCGS authorized dealers. In addition to the silver coins, they also have a wide selection of rare U.S. currency and coins, as well as collecting supplies, coin books, and casino chips. Many of the coins in this store are NGC or PCGS certified. There is a small selection of rare coins available online. Southgate Coins offers appraisals. They also have a want list fulfillment service and offers collection building consultations.

(775) 322-3600
5032 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89502

Sierra Coin

Sierra Coin is a Reno-based rare coin dealer. They specialize in silver and gold coins. They are best known for buying renowned and large coin collections. However, they will also buy single coins from an individual collector. The store owner Larry Demangate, is a lifelong-numismatists. He opened Sierra Coin in 1967. He’s an American Numismatic Association member and an NGC and PCGS authorized dealer. Sierra Coin buys and sells rare U.S. coins and silver dollars. Their main focus is on eye appeal, especially coins with beautiful tones. Sierra coin also buys silver and gold scrap and has appraisal services.

(775) 673-1011
3100 Mill St #112b
Reno, NV 89502