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Charlotte, North Carolina - Local Gold and Silver Dealers

The first gold discovery in the United States was in Charlotte North Carolina and it was the only U.S. state that produced gold from 1803 to 1828. Over the next several decades gold would continue to be a very popular investment in the region. Today, there are many highly regarded silver, gold and coin shops that cater to those who are interested in investing in precious metals.

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Hollyday Coins

Owned and run by a trusted name and numismatic enthusiast, Jake Blackman, Hollyday Coins is one of the best coin shops in Charlotte. The pawn store specializes in U.S coinage such as pre-1933 gold coins, graded rare coins, Morgan silver coins and more. The dealer is a member of the American Numismatic Association and houses many NGC, ANACS and PCGS grades coins along with the American Gold Eagle and other gold and silver coins.

(704) 719-6866
PO Box 25272
Charlotte, NC 28229

Carolina Bullion

Just as the name says, Carolina Bullion is a business that specializes in precious metal bullion. These dealers buy and sell both gold and silver as well as palladium, platinum, and rhodium. The company is ideally renowned in the area for their extensive inventory that consists of popular bullion coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, and the Australian Kangaroo. Additionally, they showcase various gold bullion options such as Mexican Peso gold coins and Credit Suisse gold bars. Their silver options include rounds and bars from several mints like Johnson Matthey and more. You can reach them through the following details:

(877) 586-9251
4100 Carmel Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226

Coin Galleries on the Lake

Found in Lake Norman, Coin Galleries are reputed dealers in U.S Coinage. They also trade all forms of gold and silver coins & jewelry. They also host an auction online for new round coins. They, however, focus more on graded coins and rarities. As you would guess, most of their coins can be seen and bought through their online store. However, you may have to visit their physical store for some rarities.

(704) 662-9719
144 Marketplace Avenue
Mooresville, NC 28117

Charlotte Coin

Also known as Charlotte Pawn and Jewelry, Charlotte Coin is a shop dealing in all types of valuable metals including jewelry, coins, bullion, scrap, and flatware. They have a huge selection of bullion coins such as the American Eagle, colonial coins, modern coins, silver dollars, paper currency, pre-1933 United States gold coins and much more. They also deal extensively in numismatic collectibles.

(704) 845-7296
1605 Galleria Blvd
Ste 165
Charlotte, NC 28270

Atlantic Metals Xchange

This is another popular local pawn shop that buys and sells coins and precious metal products. They deal with all types of valuable metals including bullion, gold and silver coins, jewelry as well as scrap. Some of the coins you will come across in their inventory include rare coins, modern and colonial U.S coins, pre-1933 US gold coins, American Eagle Bullion Coins, Canadian Maple Leaf, Morgan, and Peace silver dollars and pre-1964 US silver coinage. They ideally deal will numerous forms of bullion; rounds, Credit Suisse bars, and gold nuggets being just a few examples.

(704) 543-4653
11318 N. Community Road, Suite 301
Charlotte, NC 28277