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Buy Gold and Silver in San Jose, California

There are several highly regarded coin shops located in San Jose. Given the gold rush history of the area, it isn't surprising that gold is quite popular here, although coin dealers in San Jose also have extensive selections of rare coins and silver bullion. This page lists some of those coin shops, in addition to a discussion of the city's sales tax rates on coins and bullion.

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Morgan Hill Gold & Silver

This family-operated coin shop has a wide assortment of both bullion bars and collectible coins available.  Their silver and gold coins have been selected with both collectors and investors in mind.  With more than 30 years worth of numismatic experience, the Morgan Hill Gold & Silver owners believe strongly in the power of having returning customers, which is why they make sure to take the time to provide knowledgeable service and personal attention.  They buy and sell certified, proof and rare coins, along with all types of platinum, silver and gold bullion, jewelry and scrap precious metals.  A 30 Day Market Guarantee backs their precious metals.

(408) 778-6600
16145 Monterey Rd. Unit B
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

American Precious Metals

This bullion trader was founded in 1980.  It is based in San Diego but also has a San Jose location.  The family-owned shop is geared towards investors who prefer holding physical forms of precious metals, whether it is bullion, coinage or jewelry.  The company specializes in popular silver and gold coins such as the American Silver Eagle.  American Precious Metals also carries a unique selection of old and rare coins, both foreign and U.S. The firm purchases all types of platinum, gold, and silver, including scrap, jewelry, and coins.  They offer wholesale pricing as well for those who buy in bulk.  American Precious Metals sells bullion and coins through eBay and online in addition to from their storefront in San Jose.

(408) 453-5350
1590 Berryessa Rd. Suite A
San Jose, CA 95133

Vic's Coin Shop

This well-established local coin shop was established in 1979 and is a favorite among coin collectors in San Jose who enjoy discussing numismatics with the owner of the shop, who is a fellow coin collector.  Although this shop does not have an extensive online presence, Vic has a strong reputation for offering reasonable prices and providing personal attention.  The shop specializes in purchasing silver and gold coins.  They offer a constantly-changing selection of coins for sale and free appraisals as well.  

(408) 295-8995
1535 Meridian Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

Falcone Jewelry and Coins

This family-run small coin shop purchases and sells an extensive variety of coins.  The store is well known for it's old Italian coinage.  It also stocks a very impressive array of shipwreck, Greek/Roman, and medieval coins.  In addition, Falcone Coins deals in foreign and U.S coins, in addition to silver and gold.  They carry everything ranging from beginner coin sets up to high-grade rare coins and gold and silver bullion that can be used for investment purposes.  Free verbal appraisals are also offered by Falcone Coins.

(408) 292-2221
1230 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

Treasure Island Stamps and Coins

Treasure Island Stamps and Coins has a coin selection that primarily focuses on ancient Roman and Greek coins.  Its stock includes over 4,000 ancient coins.  Also, the shop carries a broad selection of U.S. coins, which includes silver and gold coins as well as mint and proof sets.  Some foreign coins are carried as well, in addition to collecting supplies that coin collectors need.  Treasure Island is very welcoming to new coin collectors.  Its owner is very willing to take the necessary time to explain all of the finer nuances that are involved with numismatics.  Since 1968 the company has severed coin collectors in the Bay Area and is an American Numismatic Association member.

(650) 855-9905
3703 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Macs Coins & Collectibles

This shop specializes in silver and gold bars and coinage.  They carry a very impressive selection of Morgan and Peace silver dollars, Credit Suisse bars, 1 oz silver rounds, Gold Buffalos, Canadian Maple Leafs and American Eagles as well as other kinds of bullion products.  You can purchase many of them through their website, although their entire selection is available only at their store.  Although the primary focus of Macs is in silver and gold, they stock U.S. coinage as well.  They purchase all kinds of silver and gold and collectible coins as well.  Macs is an American Numismatic Association member and NGC authorized dealer.

(408) 732-8575
380 Altair way
Sunnyvale, CA, 94086