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Round Rock, Texas - Local Gold and Silver Dealers

There is a thriving city called Round Rock, located in Texas. It is a place that locals love that is part of the Austin, but it was actually located elsewhere. Round Rock was initially named Brushy because the banks were adjacent to Brushy Creek. It was back in 1954 that postal authorities asked the town to change its name because the state of Texas had already called it brushy. Inspired, the local postmaster thought about a local round rock which was located in the middle of Brushy Creek, and this is how it got its name. In 1876, a meeting between the great Northern railroads, and also new International because the town center to move east. Around Rocks original site, now known as Old Town, has been recently restored to celebrate the city's roots. Although its history has been acknowledged, Round Rock decided to keep looking forward. It was in 2009 that Round Rock was considered by many to be the second fastest growing city in the entire United States.

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Austin's Best Gold & Coin Exchange

Austin's Best Gold & Coin Exchange has been founded by James Arnold, a passionate collector of coins. At the age of seven, James received a few books about coins, and he developed an intense passion for this hobby. He started to collect various coins such as Liberty dimes, Buffalo nickels, and Lincoln coins. He was one of you youngest members of the Capital City Coin Club, and he has been trading coins ever since. Austin's Best Gold & Coin Exchange is an excellent resource for all collectors and coin lovers, from investors to kids starting their collections. Here you can find U.S. and foreign coins, old paper bills and many other similar items.

(512) 585-7067
309 West Main Street, Suite 116
Round Rock, TX 78664

United Gold Coin & Bullion

Located in the close neighborhood of the East Palm Valley Boulevard, United Gold Coin & Bullion is a small dealership of coins where you can find rare and historical items, as well as complete collections of U.S. coins.

(512) 637-0785
3000 Joe Dimaggio Boulevard
Round Rock, TX78665

The Collector

The Collector is the place to go if you want to discuss with a renowned coin specialist. Over the past 40 years, Danny Hill has owned several retail shops in Central Texas, as well as a national wholesale company. His current business allows him to drive his passion and his energy towards offering the best U.S. coins, gold bullion, historical currency, as well as many such vintage items to collectors and investors in Round Rock, Texas. The Collector is located in Georgetown, not too far away from Round Rock.

(512) 864-7787
109 East 8th Street
Georgetown, TX78626

Pflugerville Jewelry & Coins

Pflugerville Jewelry And Coins is a shop where you can trade precious metals in the form of bullion or coins, as well as vintage items and fine jewelry. This store can be found in the POP Center in Pflugerville, close to Round Rock.

(512) 202-3824
1202 FM 685, Suite B3
Pflugerville, TX78660