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Norfolk, Virginia - Local Gold and Silver Dealers

Norfolk is closer to the sea and is located centrally for both the military -- particularly the Navy -- and transportation of goods. Norfolk has the distinction of having the largest Navy base on the planet. The city is a part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, which is also deeply and historically connected to transportation and the military. Norfolk is located close to the Chesapeake Bay harbor, with miles upon miles of riverfront property. Even Norfolk is among the trend in Virginia cities that house precious metals and coin dealers.

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J & B Coins

This is a store that specializes in mainly U.S. coins and offers an exclusive selection of commemorative coins, silver dollars, paper currency, mint-and-proof sets and more. J & B Coins also carries coin collecting supplies and caters for the new collectors with their extensive array of coins that are not only affordable but also backed by a knowledgeable service. For customers interested in smaller purchases such as rolls of nickels for their coin collecting book or those who are prepared to spend a significant amount on gold coins, J & B Coins is ready to serve. Jim Hilton the owner along with his wife Becky has been in the business of collecting coins since the year 1978.

PO Box 12403
Norfolk, VA
(858) 509-1193

The Treasure Chest

Founded in the year 1975, this store holds a specialty in precious metal that includes gold coins and jewelry. Because they buy actively from different collectors, the inventory on offer is ever changing. Their unique inventory on offer ranges from sporting goods to estate jewelry to the graded Silver dollars. The selection of other types of unique items and rare coins can also be found on the site e-Bay.

4015 E. Ocean View Ave.
Norfolk. VA 23518
(757) 362-3320

Bress Pawn & Jewelry

This family run and owned business are a precious metal and jewelry store established back in the year 1941. For over seven decades they have offered the residents in Norfolk with an extensive and eclectic inventory that ranges from tools to electronics onto gold coins. Bress Pawn & Jewelry is well-known for their professional and personalized services in regards to selling, buying and reasonable pricings. They consistently purchase from individuals which ensure that their inventory always has something new to offer. Virginian Pilot readers in Norfolk have voted the store as the Best Gold Buyer and Pawnshop for over ten years running. Some of a unique finds can also be located in e-Bay.

721 Granby St
Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 625-4228

Midway Pawn

The store known as Midway Pawn has been in the business of offering an extensive range of merchandise to residents in Norfolk for over 30 years now. The coin selection on offer includes different coins that include rare coins, gold and silver coins, rare coins along with precious metals, tools, electronics, jewelry and more. Midway Pawn happens to be one of the biggest gold buyers in the area of Norfolk that buys all types of silver and gold that includes scrap gold, dental scrap, bullion, coins, and jewelry. The business is bonded and licensed gold buyers and also has on offered the Supercenter Bucks rewards program for their frequent customers and the free layaway program.

(757) 480-6600
847 E Little Creek Rd
Norfolk, VA 23518