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The 2015 Silver Report

The 2015 Silver Report

The "Road to Affluence" is more well-traveled than one might think! A look at the behavior and rationale of some of the smartest investors in the world is a study in history, global indicators, shifting economic power, and all the ticking time bombs of paper money and paper markets. This new report is a revealing look into the mind-set of the investing class. Now you can understand the critical migration of capital, glimpse into the secret windows of wealth, and master the milestones of time-proven investment strategies that have sustained the affluent for generations.

The 2015 Silver Report

When it comes to precious metals, there's no doubt that gold is considered a great hedge and the smart choice for long-term asset protection, but what about silver? Silver prices were hit hard in 2014, and as a result the mining sector had little capital to invest in exploration and quite a few mines were forced into consolidation. This sets the table for an impending supply crunch. Add an array of new electronic applications and the parabolic rise of everything solar, and we could be looking at a full, blown crisis.

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