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Gold has been on the rise for the last decade and continues to make gains in the wake of global economic uncertainty and mounting US Debt. Over the past decade gold has seen more than a 400% increase and continues to be the world's enduring standard of value. Few investments have shown this degree of growth and security except for silver which has outperformed gold throughout the 20th century and outpaced the Dow by 86% just this past decade. In addition, there is cause for concern about silver's possible extinction as demand has been outstripping supply since 1996 in light of its industrial applications.

Why Purchase Gold

Gold is a traditional safe haven, store of wealth, and an ideal diversification tool. Gold coins offer the gold investor ease of transport, uniform size and content, guaranteed purity and fineness, and a form of bullion that is easy to buy and sell.

Gold has served mankind from early civilization, through the Industrial Age, the Machine Age, the Information Age, and into the Age of Big Data. Through world wars, depressions, recessions, economic contractions, financial expansions, fiscal cliffs and monetary mountains ... gold has remained the world's measure of wealth, worth and sound value. Central banks know all too well that gold cannot be manipulated or devalued by any government, fund or monetary body.

Purchasing gold bullion is a powerful way to protect your retirement! Many savvy investors are turning to gold in response to unstable global currencies, the growing US deficit, and the threat of a worldwide economic recession. Gold bullion coins are purchased solely for investment purposes and rise in value along with the price of gold. They differ from numismatic or premium coins where value is derived from a coin's rarity, historical significance, age, condition, beauty, and year of mintage.

Gold bullion coins are available in varying sizes and designs, and are traded in different international markets. As a result, they come in a wide variety of country-specific offerings like the highly popular American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the South African Kruggerand.

Why Purchase Silver

Silver is perhaps the best kept secret in investing! It holds a unique position as both a precious and an industrial metal, making it an alluring investment choice. Silver is considered to be the affordable and lower priced precious metal with impressive, safe haven credentials.

The industrial demand for silver is soaring since almost all electronics are configured with silver. It possesses exceptional conductivity qualities and is a reliable electrical pathway. It is found in circuit boards, TV sets, solar panels, telephones, microwave ovens, CD's, DVD's, batteries, hearing aids, film, medical instrumentation, etc.

The silver market offers a variety of investment products including Coins, Bars, and Rounds. Silver coins are by far the more popular investment medium. They are typically 99.99% pure and yet are relatively inexpensive. They are easy to store and transport and can instantly be converted to cash. In addition, the coins made by government mints are recognized legal tender and are internationally negotiable.

Popular silver coins include the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Both offer affordable portfolio diversification. The American Silver Eagle was first released in 1986 and is .999 fine silver. It features the "Walking Liberty" design and is considered the finest silver coin ever minted in the United States. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf boasts purity of four nines (99.99% pure) and the high face value of five dollars Canadian. First minted in 1988, the Silver Maple Leaf is now held in the same high esteem as its Gold Maple Leaf counterpart. It is easy to buy or sell anywhere in the world.

At Lear Capital, we believe that everyone should own gold and silver, and bullion coins are a convenient and easy way to acquire it. Our Account Executives are standing by to help with all of your precious metals questions and purchases. We deliver to all 50 states and can offer FREE SHIPPING on qualifying purchases, as well as our exclusive Price Advantage. We accept most forms of payment including bank wire, certified check, bank draft, cashier's check and postal money order. Personal checks are also accepted once account balances are verified.

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