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$10 Liberty Gold Coin (Circulated)

Front - $10 Circulated Liberty Gold Coin
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The $10 Liberty Gold Coin

The $10 Liberty gold coin, also called the Coronet, was first minted in 1838, which made it the first $10 gold coin to be minted in over 34 years. The beautiful design of the coin, created by Christian Gobrecht, was so admired that it would later be used on the $2.50 and the $5 Liberty gold coins.

The front of the coin features the side profile of Lady Liberty; her hair worn in a loose bun with curls falling down her side and neck. She wears a coronet on her head inscribed with the word 'Liberty.' 13 stars border the coin and the date of issue is prominently featured below Lady Liberty. The original Liberty gold coins minted in 1838 and early 1839 have a somewhat different design than the Liberty gold coins that were minted for the remainder of 1839 through 1907, specifically the shape of Lady Liberty's neck.

The reverse of the Liberty gold coin is equally striking, depicting an eagle with outstretched wings and the Union shield on its breast. Its talons clutch both a collection of three arrows and an olive branch. The words 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA', the denomination of the $10 Liberty gold coin and the Mint Mark surround the bald eagle. The Liberty gold coins that were minted from 1838 and 1866 do not feature the Motto 'IN GOD WE TRUST.' However, in 1866, the Liberty gold coin was modified to include the Motto on a ribbon above the eagle.

Why You Should Invest in $10 Liberty Gold Coins

These are troubled times and gold has historically been the ultimate hedge against economic volatility and crisis. IRA accounts are traditionally dependent upon a select group of stocks, bond and/or mutual funds which are inextricably linked to the economy. And when the economy suffers, the value of many IRA accounts begins to plunge. Gold on the other hand has outperformed the Dow by over 300% over the past decade which begs the question ... why wouldn't you protect a portion of your retirement and secure your accumulated savings by adding Liberty gold coins?

For centuries, investors and collectors have owned physical gold, including the Liberty gold coin, for a variety of reasons. Gold is:

  • Considered a potential hedge against inflation and an eroding dollar
  • Internationally recognized as a monetary and financial asset
  • Able to be passed on to future generations of children and grandchildren
  • Setting records - some experts believe gold may see new highs in the future

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Lear does not provide financial advice and is a for profit retailer.
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