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Gold British Sovereign Coins

Prices for Gold British Sovereign Coins
Weight Price Each* Quantity
.2354 oz $ 747.43

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British Sovereign Gold

This British Gold Coin was minted in one size to simplify its mass production in the late 1800s and early 1900s. At the height of the British Empire this nickel-sized coin became the most widely distributed gold coin of the time. Literally hundreds of millions were produced and used in daily commerce. Each coin contains .2354 troy ounces of pure gold. Few coins of this age still trade as bullion. The British Sovereign Gold Coin is truly unique in this regard.

Truly Old-Fashioned Diversification

The coin was first introduced in 1816. Its extreme popularity and unquestionable quality, created a high demand amongst early investors seeking to preserve wealth and protect their estates. The resultant hoarding pulled many coins out of circulation. This is why today you are able to find many of these pre 1932 coins in extremely fine to almost mint condition. These coins portray the reigning monarch on one side, and Pestrucci's St. George slaying the Dragon on the other. They are highly recognized around the world and easily bought or liquidated.

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