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Platinum American Eagle

Weight Price Each* Quantity
1 oz $ 1,450.63

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Growing Industrial Demand
Did you know 1/3 of all platinum produced is used in catalytic converters? Internationally, thanks to emerging economies like India and China, auto sales are booming. And as demand for automobiles goes, so goes the demand for platinum. And then there's jewelry. Far be it from the connoisseur of fine jewelry to overlook the most precious metal of all when searching for the perfect piece.

A Shrinking Supply
Each year, world platinum miners are only able to produce an amount of platinum equal to less than 7% of the amount of gold produced each year. Add to this a growing industrial demand and you create the formula for explosive growth potential for years to come. As world markets and economies appear to become more volatile every day, Platinum Eagles are a fine choice for portfolio diversification.

Guaranteed By the U.S. Government
With a face value of $100, American Platinum Eagles carry the highest face value of any U.S. coin in history. Each weighs 1.005 troy ounces and contains 99.95% pure platinum. The content and purity is proudly stamped on each coin making them as liquid anywhere in the world as other U.S. Minted coins.

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