What does it cost to set up and maintain a Precious Metals IRA?

There is only one annual payment of $160 for a Precious Metals IRA. This includes the payment for storage, the cost of insurance to protect your metals, quarterly financial statements, and 24/7 access to view your account online. Compare this to the often expensive and complicated fee structure of many traditional IRAs and 401ks. Consider this: AARP recently conducted a survey on 401k participants' awareness of the features of their retirement plans. They found that 65% of participants thought they paid no fees at all, and only 17% stated that they do pay fees; 18% stated that they just don't know. It's no wonder! 401ks usually charge plan administration fees, individual service fees, and investment fees — a fact many people do not understand. Don't think you're necessarily safe with an IRA either! According to Mercer Bullard, a law professor at the University Of Mississippi School Of Law, “IRAs, where 401k assets unfortunately end up, have as high if not even higher fees on average.” One of the beauties of the self-directed Precious Metals IRA is a simple, transparent fee schedule that allows you to be in complete control of your assets against harmful hidden costs.

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