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Lear does not provide financial advice and is a for profit retailer.
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“Twenty years ago, I purchased my very first gold from Lear, and it has quadrupled in value. I trust Lear and am happy to recommend them.”

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Lear does not provide financial advice and is a for profit retailer.
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  • Trustpilot
    Verified Customer
    5 stars

    “Highly recommend Lear Capital as your precious metals broker. The representatives are understanding. I asked some, for lack of better words, incompetent questions and Christopher Glenka was reassuring and explained to me the answers to my questions. I had another rep. Armando Yee, helping me in purchasing the correct metals for my portfolio. They both took extra time to deal with all my questions even those that included liquidating the metals. I feel pretty confident in purchasing my metals from Lear Capital and working with Lear Capital in the future to come. If you’re looking for a decent broker that’ll take time to explain the process to you or any other questions you have, Lear Capital is your best bet. Especially if you’re a first time investor in precious metals, give Lear Capital a call.”

  • User Reviews on Google
    Scott P.
    Verified Customer
    5 stars

    “We decided to purchase from Lear Capital because of the patience of our account rep. Conor Maher. We had inquired with several metals companies and Conor was the only one who continued to follow up with us as we were battling to get some investment checks re issued so that we could make a purchase. It was a several month ordeal and Conor was willing to give his time, always there following up. The purchase was easy and so was the delivery process, with tracking info sent once the order was processed. Although we didn’t like having to wait three weeks before our purchase was processed and shipped. Outer packaging was discrete and inner packaging was well padded. The details of the order to include who packaged it was nice. We will likely order again through Lear Capital.”

  • ConsumerAffairs
    Verified Customer
    5 stars

    “Brad was so helpful and polite each time I talked to him. I also was pleased with the information he gave me. I knew nothing about selling precious metals. I was very pleased with the timing with things were handled. I would recommend Brad to my friends.”