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How High Can Silver Really Go?

by Cher CusumanoJune 5, 2024
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Yesterday FoxBusiness had David Stryzewski on to talk about an asset he believes to be sorely undervalued. You guessed it: it's silver.

Stryzewski first discussed how both gold and silver are typically hedges against things like inflation, but went on to say that he sees both metals performing well regardless of what happens next. Why? He believes there's tremendous opportunity right now due to a supply and demand imbalance. (In China, silver is already trading at a premium and India's 2024 silver imports have already surpassed their 2023 measure.) Meanwhile, there's a serious silver shortage or "global slowdown in production" to use Stryzewski's words.

So what does that mean for the price of silver?

"I believe that we're headed to $100 by year-end.  I think that we're going to be headed to $300 on silver here in the next five to ten years..." Stryzewski said.  

At the time of writing, silver is trading at $30. So this represents a 233% forecasted increase. If that sounds too good to be true, consider this: Stryzewski-a CEO, founder, and regular news contributor-is not alone.

$100 silver projections are stacking up as quickly as $3,000 gold predictions. When it comes to silver, these analysts are on the same page.

John Rubino, former Wall Street Analyst, founder of and published author.

Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver

Anna Sokolidou, research analyst for

The bottom line? More and more market insiders are increasingly bullish on precious metals (and increasingly vocal about it). Many are recommending that investors buy now while prices are taking a "breather", confident that more growth is ahead. Now's your chance. Call Lear to get started at 1-800-576-9355.

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