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Recessions Don’t Just Show Up

by Rachel MillsFebruary 6, 2024

They announce themselves.

One predictor has 100% accuracy in forecasting recessions since the 1970's. It is sounding the alarm now, giving you a near 100% chance of winning, if you do the right thing NOW. But time is running out.

Going by history, you only have about 2 months left to act.

Maybe less.  Read on...

Have you heard how GREAT the economy is doing lately? Have you also been to a grocery store, or looked at housing prices? Are you living on Main Street and wondering what Wall Street is smoking when they tell you everything is fantastic?  You're not wrong to be suspicious. In fact, one of THE most POWERFUL predictors of recessions is sounding the alarm right now.

Are you listening?

You should. There is no excuse to be caught by surprise by the next recession after you see THIS.

Are you getting the messages?

Friend, like an unwanted visitor, recessions announce themselves, loudly and repeatedly. Yet when they finally arrive, as they said they would, most people are shocked - SHOCKED - they actually came, and astoundingly: completely unprepared.

Is that you right now?

Today, the bond market is sounding an alarm for a potential recession - and has been since late 2022. Investors may wonder whether this ominous signal could spell a significant downturn for the stock market. It's all spelled out in the yield curve.

What's the yield curve? you ask.

The Yield Curve has predicted every recession since the 70's. It has NEVER been this inverted...

Only a crystal ball could be more accurate. Or a newspaper from the future. Or a text message from "Recession" saying "On my way."

Text from the recession

Yield Curve Decoded

In normal circumstances, long-term Treasury bonds offer higher interest rates than short-term bonds, resulting in an upward-sloping yield curve. However, during times of economic uncertainty, the yield curve can invert, where short-term bonds yield more than long-term ones.

GET THIS – The 10-year and 3-month Treasury yields have inverted before every recession since 1969, with zero false alarms. This means that whenever this particular section of the yield curve inverts, a recession follows within approximately 16 months.

The bond market began sounding this alarm 14 months ago, suggesting that a recession could be within two months away.

Look at this chart:

Yield curve graph

The purple line is the spread between short term and long term bonds, referred to as the yield curve. The red line is 0.00% yield. Anything below that is negative, or an inversion.

The gray bars are the recessions.

Now look all the way to the left where the purple line is today.

2024 is shaping up to be one heckuva ride. Are you prepared?

What are the smart moves right now?

Historically, recessions have had a profound impact on the stock market.

On average, the S&P 500 has declined by approximately 34.5% during recessions since 1969. Presently, the S&P 500 is hovering just below its record high, suggesting a potential downside of 34% if a recession were to materialize.

Perhaps that is why Warren Buffett just sold off $28 BILLION in stocks.

If an asset is at its peak, and something else is undervalued, why wouldn't you follow the cardinal rule of investing and sell HIGH and buy LOW?

Don't let this recession catch you unawares. Prepare NOW with precious metals.

Why precious metals? Gold and silver are a win-win today. As a traditional hedge against recessions, and with recession alarm bells ringing, there is no better time to buy.

PLUS many analysts are seeing tremendous growth opportunity in gold and silver. We are seeing many screaming indicators that precious metals could take off very soon - including one with a 92% accuracy predicting $3200 gold! 

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