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Will ‘Shrinkflation’ Outrage Lead to Price Controls?

by Rachel MillsFebruary 15, 2024

President Joe Biden aired a video before the Super Bowl last Sunday railing against "shrinkflation" - a concept most Americans are very well aware of, but seemed to be breaking news to the White House. Biden is upset about it. Particularly as a lover of ice cream. Joe Biden's containers of rum raisin are getting SMALLER, but the PRICES stay the SAME.

Shrinkflation is, of course, just another form of INFLATION.

To deflect any blame away from Bidenomics, the President is directing his ire at the corporations who are doing this. This is all their fault. Afterall, everyone can see who is putting less in the package but charging the same: the evil corporations and the stores! Point your pitchforks squarely at them! (Not the people printing up dollars and plunging the country further and further into debt.)

This logic is dangerous and predictable. There is a pattern of spendthrift leaders plunging their economies into inflationary spirals while loudly blaming the mom and pop shops for raising prices. This common deflection tactic has been used throughout history to justify price controls - a hallmark of WWII with ration books and the 1970's, leading to long lines at the gas stations. It is already being discussed on Capitol Hill.

Are price controls, or attempts at them, coming next? Is that what Biden was telegraphing with his Super Bowl message?

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Seem beyond belief? Would you have believed the numbers for 2020 back in 2000? Remember, all we are doing with these numbers is continuing observable trends from the last 20 years into the next 20 years. Past performance is never a guarantee of future results, of course, but it is an interesting exercise, nonetheless.

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Lear does not provide financial advice and is a for profit retailer.
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