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3 Creepy Ways Biden is Coming for Your Money

by Lear Capital EditorialSeptember 09, 2022
money handcuffs
When the elites tell us our future is to own nothing and be happy, we should be on high alert. How exactly do they think that will happen? How could they make it happen?
We should be very wary of creeping control over our money and our choices. 
If someone has the power to bankrupt you with energy bills and taxes, they have the power to take your home, your business and everything you have. And their cronies could be waiting in the wings to buy up all your assets for a fraction of the value and rent it back to you. Worse, they will try to convince you this is all for your own good.
They can get you under their thumb if they have all the power. Are they taking power like that right now? Let’s take a look.

1. 87,000 IRS Agents

Now that the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” has passed, we will see what the infamous army of 87,000 new IRS agents will do. It has been pointed out that there are only around 600 billionaires in the country. You don’t need 87,000 IRS agents to audit them. You would need that many, however, to weaponize taxation and terrorize the middle class. MOST audits are currently performed on taxpayers not in good financial position to fight back. They settle with the IRS rather than fight, right or wrong. And of course, the IRS's job is to secure collections. They’re not any more interested in a protracted legal battle than you are. They just want your money.

In Modern Monetary Theory – the economic theory that gives cover to politicians to spend whatever they like – the answer to inflation is taxation. If excess liquidity is the problem, mopping up all that money with increased taxes (or enforcement) is the solution. Taxation is also an instrument of control and behavior modification. Look for the Biden Administration to further turn those screws, especially after midterms. 

2. Destruction of financial privacy, CBDCs

It is often repeated that if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t be afraid of government peeking into your affairs. If you’re not a criminal, what is the big deal? The problem is who is defining “crime” now and in the future... Sure, you’re not a mobster or a terrorist or a human trafficker, but are you now or have you ever been a conservative? A Trump supporter? A parent at a school board meeting?

Maybe its not YOUR crimes that government is protecting society from. Maybe its GOVERNMENT crimes that YOU will need shielding from someday. If you need an obvious example of this, just look at what Justin Trudeau did to the Canadian trucker protest. They petitioned their government for a redress of grievances in a manner that government found unacceptable, and so the government not only unbanked them, but went after anyone found to have financially supported them. 

With Central Bank Digital Currencies, this process of exposing and debanking political dissidents becomes streamlined. CBDCs are programmable, centrally controlled digital currencies. Like cryptocurrencies, every transaction could use utilize a blockchain ledger. For central banks, that could be a huge advantage for tracking and tracing every dollar spent in the economy. And it could be very very simple for a faceless bureaucrat somewhere deep in the swamp to simply shut off your money if you misbehave. If CBDCs are not already on your radar, they should be. 

3. Climate Change Regulations

Rolling blackouts are back in certain parts of the world. And we’ve now seen in action what Smart Meters are really for – they can be controlled remotely to keep your home at 78 degrees when the government decrees so. All in the name of protecting the environment. The power grid is being decommissioned as we know it before alternatives are advanced enough to replace our energy needs. It is escalating.  

Climate change policies are being used to modify behavior and dictate your choices, from how comfortable your home is to what kind of cars will be available for you to buy.  And many suspect, considering the environmental impact of EV batteries that this has less to do with climate and everything to do with control. 

It is looking like climate regulations and laws very well could creep deeper and deeper into our lives and pocketbooks in the future.


One thing YOU can do to protect your weath and your freedom? Own precious metals.

What can you do to stabilize your financial future in the face of these wealth destroying forces? Many experts recommend putting a portion - 5-20% - of your portfolio and savings into precious metals as a backstop to decreasing purchasing power of dollars.

Gold and silver also offer unparalleled privacy. Precious metals are not connected to the internet and are not subject to the same third party risk that your bank accounts are. Might be wise just to have something on hand that can’t be turned off remotely. And can’t be printed into oblivion. Think about it.

Gold and silver prices are probably much lower than they should be, making now a great time to buy. Call today to place your order or to start your quick, easy IRA rollover process.

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