Global Central Banks Print Nearly 2 Trillion Dollars Per Year.

by Lear Capital EditorialApril 26, 2017

While America has greatly pared down its money printing, the rest of the world is on a nearly $2,000,000,000,000 a year printing spree. Gold “smells” what’s coming. It’s inflation. And smart investors are preparing for it now. Why?  

Most investors only pay attention to the Federal Reserve. And they are missing the BIG PICTURE for Central Bank monetary policy.

The Fed is tightening policy by hiking rates. But the rest of the world’s Central Banks are printing a combined $200 BILLION in QE every single month.

Yes, $200 billion. At a time when the financial system is out of crisis and the Fed’s put its own “print” button on “pause.”

This is an all-time record… greater even that the global money printing that occurred at the depth of the 2008 Crisis when Central banks were desperate to prop the system up.

Indeed, at $200 billion per month, we’re talking about an annualized pace of over $2 TRILLION in money printing every year.

If you don’t believe this will unleash inflation, consider that already in the US, inflation has exceeded the Fed’s targets on ALL FOUR of its measures. (Full Article)

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