China Silver Demand Drives Silver to $100 an ounce

March 06, 2018

On October 1, 1908, Henry Ford delivered his first Model T. Targeting the rich it was priced at $825 and 10,000 were built. But Ford’s dream was to build a car everyone could afford. The industrial revolution began. By the end of its production life, 15 million were sold. The last being sold at $260.

As auto demand grew, other industries grew with it. In 1924, ease of mobility saw the first shopping center built in Kansas City. Highway construction employed thousands. Real estate boomed as a thriving middle class moved from city to suburb. Then, as gas stations dotted the countryside, growing demand for oil gave birth to a new class of elites - The Oil Baron!

Fast forward. 1999 and a new industrial revolution. In less than two decades the electronics industry saw cell phones shrink from the size of a brick to a ladies compact. The big screen TV - big as an armoire - now hangs on the wall. And, the new tablet computer has more power than an old file-cabinet-sized mainframe. The key ingredient to these innovations? Silver!

The quest for green energy now leads this revolution. Innovations in solar technology have seen “sunlight to power efficiencies” increase nearly three-fold. The cost of solar now rivals that of conventional energy. Solar is becoming the new oil. But, without silver there would be no solar. As solar demand rises, so too, will the demand for silver.

That’s why experts believe silver will rise above $100 an ounce and give birth to a new class of elites. The Silver Baron!

And, China is about to prove it.

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