Deutsche Bank says 5% market correction in summer alone

by Lear Capital EditorialJune 14, 2017

While many analyst are vying to get right call on the market over the next 6 months to 2 years, Deutsche has targeted a market correction this summer of 5%.  While 5% may seem trivial, the DOW is only up 7.92% YTD as of this writing.  On a MarketWatch article the bank goes on to say:

“The rally so far is justified, but we think it has reached its near-term limits and is vulnerable to summer fatigue and rising anxiety over whether Congress can make pragmatic decisions,” the Deutsche Asset Management team said.

U.S. lawmakers are likely to deliver a significant and simple corporate tax cut, but such legislation is not clearly on the horizon and probably won’t appear there until after their August recess, according to Bianco & Co."

Full article here

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