SilverSeek: Silver, Eight Years Later

May 29, 2019

Article by Gary Christenson in Silver Seek

Eight years ago, silver reached $48 per ounce. COMEX changed the margin requirements, and others dumped thousands of paper contracts on the COMEX market to smash prices lower. They succeeded, as usual.

Gold and silver prices fell hard since their 2011 highs, while central banks levitated the S&P 500 Index, most stocks, and bonds with massive infusions of cheap debt. Central banks also purchased stocks and bonds.

Inexpensive debt, QE, and bond monetization were good for the DOW and S&P 500 stocks. Central banks are reluctant to change policies, but the world may have arrived at another “Peak Debt” moment similar to 2008.

The Big Question: Where are the markets now and what can we expect?

  • Silver and gold fell or remained flat for eight years.

  • The stock market has risen for over ten years, a long time for stocks.

  • Supposedly everything is great, but…

    Negative interest rates exist for over $10 trillion in sovereign debt. (Crazy!)

    Huge student loans defaults. (No happy ending here.)

    Retail apocalypse, declining sales and stores closing.

    Excessive individual and corporate debt.

    Weaker auto and house sales etc.

  • James Sinclair, among others, thinks the party will soon be over. He suggests mid-2019.

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