CNN Business: Gold Tops $1,800 and Hits Highest Level Since 2011

July 08, 2020

Article by Paul R. La Monica in CNN Business

These are strange times on Wall Street. Stocks are surging on optimism about a potential economic rebound. Yet investors are still very nervous about the growing threat of a second wave of Covid-19 cases in the United States.

Just look at the rally in gold.

The price of the metal is now above $1,800 an ounceits highest level since September 2011 and it is creeping toward that record high of more than $1,900. Gold has soared nearly 19% so far in 2020.

What's going on? Some investors may be hedging their bets. There's still a lot of skepticism that belies the fragile recovery.

Buying gold could be a good hedge against a potential stock market pullback if the rebound in earnings and the economy doesn't materialize in 2021 as expected.

Investors also might be betting on an eventual surge in inflation, said Gerald Sparrow, chief investment officer for Sparrow Capital Management, in an interview with CNN Business.

Sparrow pointed out that gold prices tend to soar when the Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates extremely low, as it is doing now. The Fed is also trying to boost the economy by getting more money into the system with a variety of loan programs.

All of this stimulus could eventually weaken the value of the dollar and create higher inflation pressures. And that would be very good for gold.

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