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Investing.com: How High Can Silver Go?

May 11, 2021

Article by Andrew Lane in Investing.com

It’s been an interesting subject over the last few months, and one that has led to naturally outlandish YouTube video titles and calls from some for ridiculously high price targets. So let’s look at this sensibly and the fundamentals that will need to play out for silver to hit new highs.

Dollar Hegemony

Silver, like most other major commodities is a dollar denominated product. Therefore when the price of the dollar is strong foreign investment demand for silver isn’t as attractive. This isn’t always the case by the way, but is the general rule. Since the Covid crash of March last year, the dollar has been in a steep downtrend against a basket of other major currencies. The dollar, like all fiat currency is losing it’s purchasing power. The rate that money is being printed in the US it will only serve to debase even further making the dollar weaker.

However, if the dollar was to lose its status as the world reserve currency and collapse, then all bets are off on how high Silver could go.


Note the title is inflation not hyperinflation, the definition of which is prices rising out of control, typically 50% per month, and we aren’t there at this moment. The CPI is the manipulated government measure of inflation and we all know it isn’t representative of every day consumer prices. At present, and for the last few months, just about everything is going up in price.

With a world lockdown, economies plummeting, and GDP not even close to pre-covid levels the only way to pay off the debt is through higher taxes, or to inflate the debt away.

Gold and silver have been inflation hedges throughout time, and there is no reason to suggest now will be different. If the Fed steps in with yield curve control, then expect silver and gold to go higher still. If we get inflation like we did in the 80s (which wasn’t hyperinflation) then expect to see the sort of percentage increases we saw back then over a shorter time frame.

Gold Relationship

This is the one that in my opinion could send silver prices to extremely high levels.

If the NSFR is enforced from June 28, then central banks will have the opportunity to revalue physical gold and pay off the uncontrollable debt the world has. If this plays out, it should stop the paper market smashing of prices we see so often.

As I have written extensively in previous articles, everything appears to be realigning and pointing towards higher gold prices due to the Basel III regulations. If the gold stacked by central banks is being used to back a digital currency or similar, or offset debt then higher gold prices leads to higher silver prices.

So, what price could silver get to? According to the US debt clock, Silver should be at $4,797, but this is implausible.

If we take the highs of 1980 and adjust for CPI inflation, that puts silver somewhere just above $140 now.

If we take the historical gold to debt ratio up to today’s levels and place it against the mean of the gold/silver ratio, it puts it above $180.

If we look at the mining ratio out of the ground and apply it against gold price today it would put silver at around $228. If we take the lowest gold/silver ratio over the last 50 years, it puts silver at $122 at the current gold price. 

Silver is one of the most undervalued assets on the planet; yet it wouldn’t be if the short manipulation didn’t occur. JP Morgan and the other 7 major banks’ stronghold has to end soon. Positioning yourself from current levels waiting for this day to come makes a lot of sense, and savvy investors have been frontrunning it for some time.

Always remember though, nothing goes up in a straight line, so patience is going to be key here for what should be some big rewards in the next ......

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