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Is Our Money Dying? What Comes Next?

by Rachel MillsDecember 20, 2022

Can money die? Sure it can. It can stop working. It has a function in society, and it can become dysfunctional. It has happened before and it can happen again. And YES, it CAN happen here.

Reserve currencies have a life expectancy, and ours has outlived that. A major change could be coming...


You see the signs all around you. You know something is not right, even though the media and politicians might tell you otherwise. It is unmistakable that a sea change is happening. This is not just normal business cycle stuff. Something is definitely broken in the financial world. Are things about to get truly ugly? What’s that going to look like this time for you? For your kids?

Prices are going up faster than you can adjust and your savings are beginning to evaporate. If this continues, what does the future hold?

First, let’s look at how we got here.

Did you know 70% of all dollars in existence were created in the last 3 years?  And the money supply has nearly tripled since 2008, when there were $8 trillion in existence vs $23 trillion today. Has our productivity tripled to match that? I don’t think so. Instead, we have had the highest inflation since the 1970’s.

Back in the 1970’s we had a huge inflation problem that lingered for years. It became a vicious feedback loop where business would PLAN on costs going up and raised prices at regular intervals. Then everyone else’s costs would go up and they’d have to raise prices too. It eventually spun way out of control.

Basically, the dollar broke.

How did they fix it? Two ways: huge interest rate hikes and other interventions to stop the feedback loop. They also made a deal with Saudi Arabia to gin up demand for dollars by only settling oil contracts in US dollars. Suddenly, everyone wanted dollars because everyone needed oil. The petrodollar was born.

Cracks are beginning to show in this system though. The Saudis are cozying up to the BRICS nations, who are in turn talking seriously about trading oil in other currencies AND EVEN FORMING A GOLD-BACKED CURRENCY.

So what happens to the dollar when dollar hegemony ends?

Are we going to see a repeat of the 1970’s crisis and a reset of the dollar? Is the dollar breaking before our eyes?

Signs are pointing to the probability that elites behind the scenes are already thinking about this and preparing. A NEW currency concept is being actively tested and its potential for unprecedented surveillance and control is truly terrifying.

Central Bank Digital Currencies.

CBDCs are based on the blockchain, like crypto, but all privacy and autonomy is out the window. This is programmable currency that enables an authoritarian social credit system China would envy.

The Ron Paul Institute describes it thus:

Like bitcoin (and other crypto), the CBDC would be entirely digital, thus furthering the ongoing war on cash. However, unlike crypto, it would not have any encryption preserving anonymity. In fact, it would be totally the reverse, potentially ending the very idea of financial privacy.

The next currency crack-up-boom has been building for 40 years. Are you ready with a store of wealth that can’t be shut off with the click of a mouse in some undisclosed location by a faceless bureaucrat? Precious metals offer the ultimate privacy and control. Perhaps that is why the BRICS countries are eyeing them so favorably for their own monetary independence.

Call us today to discuss your options and the opportunities in gold and silver – do it for your financial future.

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