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Business Insider: The $34 Trillion Mountain of National Debt is a 'Boiling Frog' Situation for the US Economy, JPMorgan Warns

January 12, 2024
National debt, Dollar Crash, buy Gold and Silver

Article by Jennifer Sor in Business Insider

The US's $34 trillion debt mountain might be a "boiling frog" phenomenon for the economy, as higher deficits and ballooning debt servicing costs could easily become unsustainable, JPMorgan warned.

A boiling frog situation is one in which people fail to act on a potential problem that grows over time, causing it to become more severe until it eventually bubbles over. A frog thrown in boiling water might jump out, but if the water comes to a boil slowly, it's too late by the time it notices it's being cooked. 

The age-old metaphor could easily apply to America's debt situation, the bank said in its 2024 outlook. It's an issue that has worried economists for years, and calls for something to .......

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Lear does not provide financial advice and is a for profit retailer.
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