Commodity Trade Mantra: Silver is an Investment Opportunity of a Generation

April 01, 2019

Article by Remy Blaire in Commodity Trade Mantra

Andy Schectman, president of Miles Franklin, remarked on the fairly predictable price action in gold and silver leading up to a Federal Reserve meeting. He views it as an opportunity for investors to accumulate the “undervalued assets.”

Schectman says the central bank prefers “the appearance of a strong economy — but not too strong because an overly bullish forecast brings the Fed’s flip-flopping on rate hikes into question.”

Notably, the gold-to-silver ratio was explored in the brief but valuable discussion about the conditions in the bullion market. Schectman noted that the gold-to-silver ratio stands at approximately 84:1, an “inequity … screams to me of opportunity – akin to 4 feet of snow in the Florida Keys.”

To read this article in its entirety in Commodity Trade Mantra, click here.

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