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Yahoo Finance: Roubini Warns on Inflation, Sees 'Crash' If Fed Moves on Rates Too Soon

June 24, 2021
Market Crash Warning

Article by Julia La Roche in Yahoo Finance

Surging inflation is creating a conundrum for the Federal Reserve, economist Nouriel Roubini cautioned on Wednesday, adding that spiking prices will persist and potentially tie the central bank's hands.

With demand soaring, the resulting supply and labor bottlenecks are lighting a fire under prices. Although the Fed insists the effects are "transitory," Roubini warned that the central bank won't be able to tighten monetary policy to slow down overheated economic growth.

“I’m on the side of those who believe that the rise in inflation is not going to be temporary, is going to be more persistent," Roubini told Yahoo Finance Live on Wednesday. "We have a massive monetary and fiscal stimulus, much bigger and more protracted than we had after the global financial crisis.” 

In addition, Corporate America has warned on earnings calls that input costs are rising, along with jumps in commodity prices, home prices, and food prices.

“Inflation expectations are rising, the dollar is weakening, and that implies imported inflation and higher dollar price of commodities. And the Fed wants to overshoot 2% with the risk of the ongoing inflation expectation,” Roubini added.

“So we're going to end up with high inflation and a wage-price spiral over time," Roubini explained. 

"And the Fed cannot tighten because there is so much debt in the system, if they're going to try to tighten too soon, the system is going to crash. So they are in a debt trap. They're in a fiscal dominance," he added.

The economist is of the view that there will be a negative supply shock that will “hit the economy, reduce potential growth, increase the cost of production. And like in the '70s, with loose monetary and fiscal policy going to lead to stagflation, high inflation and also recession,” he added.

To be certain, a return to 70's style inflation is .....

To read this article in Yahoo Finance in its entirety, click here.

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