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November 2, 2023
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Article by David I. Kranzler in

I am firm in my conviction that the current market and political environment is quite similar to the third quarter of 2008. In that prior period of time, the financial system was headed toward a complete melt-down and the price of gold was mercilessly manipulated lower by western Central Banks in advance of the introduction of massive money printing, which was propitiously labeled “Quantitative Easing.”

While the rest of the financial system headed lower at the end of October 2008, the precious metals sector took off in a torrid bull cycle. The ensuing three years produced jaw-dropping investment returns.

I believe that we are on the cusp of a similar move in the financial markets and the precious metals sector. The caveat is that I also believe, with a high degree of conviction, that the implosion of dollar-based financial assets will be worse than ......

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Lear does not provide financial advice and is a for profit retailer.
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