Stocks Dump, Gold Jumps, & Bond Yields Break Critical Support

by Lear Capital EditorialOctober 02, 2015

Gold is moving up sharply as stocks are experiencing a sharp correction. The blind confidence in stocks is being tested almost daily since August.  Reality is setting that economy is nearing recession territory. ZeroHedge had this to say of the turbulance as usual: 

"Inconceivable." With the total destruction of the "faith" in The Fed's pr0mised "recovery," stocks and bond yields are collapsing. A glance at the crash in fed reigional surveys should have given the market a hint (and credit did) but US equity markets are in free-fall and gold and silver are surging. Treasuries rallied hard on the bursting of the faith bubble with 10Y yields plunged back under 2.00% and 30Y yields broke below the 200-day moving average.

It seems bond had it right all week.. and stocks did not...

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