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Forbes: Stock Market Crash 2020: The End Game Continues

October 28, 2020
Image for Forbes: Stock Market Crash 2020: The End Game Continues

Article by Clem Chambers in Forbes

The thing about bubbles is that no one wants to be in one as they hold the asset that has done so well for them. They love the stock or tulip bulb, why else would they still hold such a precious item?

People hold and worship things and value them highly even if they are actually rubbish. Anyone who cares to gaze at the sacred cows of contemporary art can see that is a fact, even if a large amount of it may actually be a money laundering scam.

So bubble blindness is nothing new and lots of old bitter investors see the current bubble as clear as day.

But bubbles can be irrational, to steal a saying, longer than you can remain solvent, which is why I do not short that often and would not short the “pyscho” tech conflagration except with an occasional chump change “throw away your money” put option on the QQQ.

But it does come unstuck in the end and as I look at the above comparative chart I do not want to walk under that ladder that has a workman with a utility belt full of knives dangling from it.

the bottom line is the market is being rigged by the governments of the west, but at some point the voodoo is going to stop working and down will come the roof.

They say don’t fight the Fed, and I won’t, but I’m not riding in their posse either.

It is just a matter of time now but like most blindingly obvious outcomes, it will likely ...

To read this article in its entirety in Forbes and view the relating charts, click here.

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