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What is a new term for countries that are proud to announce their gold holdings? Agora Financial coined it as "peacocking"!

by Eric HardingJune 22, 2010

From today’s 5 Minute Forecast from those good folks in Baltimore at Agora Financial regarding those countries who are “proud as a peacock” about their stacks of gold coins!!: “How else would you explain this: Saudi Arabia “restated” its gold reserves yesterday, right as the spot price found an all-time high of $1,265. Last week, SAMA, the shady Saudi sovereign wealth fund, held 143 tons of gold. Today -- 322 tons!

The Saudis gave little explanation other than a humble “adjustment of the SAMA’s gold accounts.” Heh, 100+%? That’s some adjustment.

China did the same thing roughly a year ago. Having not reported its gold holdings in years, the Chinese quietly announced they were holding over 1,000 tons of the metal, double what the world expected.

In a world dripping with debts and sovereign risk, it should come as no surprise to see governments strutting and letting unfurl their share of the world’s most sought-after “commodity.” It’s a game. Who’s got the biggest… umm… vault, so to speak.”

AND this about Russian gold demand as protection in an era of helicopter money:

"Around the world, central bank purchases of gold reached 425 tons last year -- the first stockpile expansion since 1988 and the largest since 1964.

The Russians led the way, increasing their gold holdings by 142 tons -- a 29% boost -- last year alone."

AND China looks like they are playing their hand with gold as an inflation hedge:

“You can expect that trend to continue. At a conference last week, Yin Zhongqing, vice chairman of the finance committee for the People’s Congress, suggested the Chinese government increase its holdings in oil and gold.

“The government should also cut overseas debt holdings and increase equity investments,” Yin advised. “China should adjust the asset structure of its foreign reserves and achieve the goals of making the investment safe, liquid, and preserving and adding value.”


I say “Hmmn” as well !! Buy gold!

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