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What Would a U.S. Debt Crisis Look Like? Citi Economist Answers Most Pressing Questions About $26 Trillion Treasury Market

November 10, 2023
Dollar Crash, Buy Gold and Silver

Article by Joseph Adinolfi in Market Watch

Volatility in the once-staid $25.7 trillion market for U.S. Treasury debt has exploded this year, driven in part by doubts about investors’ ability to absorb a deluge of expected supply.

But should investors be worried about a debt crisis in the U.S.? And how much debt is “too much,” anyway? A team of analysts at Citigroup led by Nathan Sheets, the bank’s chief U.S. economist and a former Treasury Department official, tried to answer these questions, and others, in a recent report shared with Citi clients and MarketWatch.

During the opening lines of the report, the Citi team shared an ominous conclusion: The world won’t know how much debt is “too much” until it is too late.

“As debt levels rise, we have no way to ......

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Lear does not provide financial advice and is a for profit retailer.
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