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"Will there now be 'Brexit' fever? Ron Paul's warnings..."

by Lear Capital EditorialJuly 06, 2016

Brexit has triggered a wave of panic in the global power structure. No one at the top really expected to be repudiated in this way. Their biggest fear: Are more opt-outs to follow? Maybe!

A recent opinion poll taken in other EU member countries suggest that many are on the fence about leaving the EU themselves. A majority in Italy and France would like their own referendum, with Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Germany and Spain showing strong support for a referendum. Are they close to leaving? The poll didn’t show majority support for actually leaving – yet. Maybe they are just waiting to see what happens next. Will Brussels try to “make an example” of the UK? What if the UK really begins to flourish without the shackles of the EU?

And what about the US?  Are there entangling alliances we would be better off without? Should we leave the UN? Has the purpose of NATO run its course? What about NAFTA and a myriad of other “free trade” unions that are not really free trade at all? Are we giving up OUR money and sovereignty for no good reason as well? And how disruptive would an “Amerexit” be from these various multinational organizations?

The truth is, "brexit" signifies something much deeper than just dissatisfaction with the EU. There is global dissatisfaction in general with top-heavy bureaucratic establishment systems, be they political, economic or monetary. And those systems are becoming more and more unstable every day – and when they wobble, they take the currencies and the markets with them, while gold gains appeal for those seeking stability.

In the US, the selection of a political outsider, Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president is just one symptom of our own repudiation of the establishment elite. On the other side, the extremely strong showing for Bernie Sanders is another. Not to mention the strong polling numbers for Libertarian Gary Johnson. Politically, Americans are as sick and tired of the entrenched fat cat establishmentarians as Britons were with the EU, if not more so.

On the economic front, establishment systems are being repudiated as fewer and fewer Americans are participating in the stock market. They’ve been burned too many times. According to Gallup, only 52% of Americans own stocks, mutual funds or 401k retirement funds invested in stocks, down from 62% in 2008. Makes you wonder how the stock market is as high as it still is, with fewer participants… This is evidence that the entire stock market is yet another elitist system that makes the rich and well-connected richer (even when they make mistakes) while robbing the little guy blind. No wonder then that fewer and fewer little guys are willing to participate.

Former congressman Ron Paul is saying that in spite of the doomsday threats, the little guys are not going to be harmed in the end by Brexit:

“Other countries are watching….This is the beginning of the end of the European Union…and nobody is going to suffer from that. Only the wealthy, banking, special interests will suffer any from this.”

He further explains in this video that EU and other conglomerate organizations are unsustainable in the long run, and if the EU collapses, it won’t be because of the Brexit, it will be because of the EU itself. He likens it to a badly built house on a shaky foundation that collapses in a small storm. The house doesn’t collapse because of the storm, it collapses because it was poorly designed and built. Same with the EU, same with the Federal Reserve, same with much of the global establishment. They exert too much control, amass too much debt and ultimately serve no one’s interests except the Eurocrats at the top.

Ron Paul doesn’t see any of these organizations laying down and leaving without a fight. It will take a crisis to clear them out, and that means more market disruptions and uncertainty. And when the dust clears, what will your portfolio look like?

Nothing is stopping you from making your own “brexit”. You can opt some of your portfolio out of this unsustainable system with precious metals ownership, now before the crisis hits. Owning gold can preserve purchasing power by maintaining value when dollars are falling. Add gold to your portfolio for peace of mind in these tumultuous times.

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