$20 Liberty

20 dollar Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coin


$20 gold pieces, also called Double Eagles, are the largest gold coins America ever made for general circulation. The denomination came into being as a result of the gold rush in California. There was so much gold flowing into the Treasury; it became obvious that it was more efficient to make one $20 gold coin than two $10 gold coins. Legislation was passed to create both a $20 gold coin and a $1 gold coin. Double Eagles came in two designs; the Liberty minted from 1849 to 1907 and the Saint Gaudens, which was minted, from 1907 to 1933. These two are the most widely traded and collected American gold coins. Double Eagles contain close to one ounce of pure gold with the exact gold content being .9675 ounces.


The coins mentioned above are often referred to as numismatic coins as their value varies based on a variety of factors including but not limited to: age, the condition of the coin, mintage amount, demand and popularity. For up to date market pricing and availability please contact Lear Capital directly and ask about our "value pricing" for orders of $20,000 or greater.

$20 Liberty
James B. Longacre
1849-1866 (Type I); 1866-1876 (Type II); 1877-1907 (Type III)
90% gold, 10% copper
34 mm

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