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Benjamin Franklin (1/2 Dollar)

Front - Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar Back - Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar


It is remarkable the number of proof coins struck during this period. It was perhaps realized that paper currency would soon dominate the channels of commerce, as these coins seemed to be struck largely with the collector in mind. Ben would be proud that it was his likeness that so much effort was put into preserving.

Coins in excellent condition can still be found in common dates. Buying bags of so-called junk silver can produce a real find although many will have marks due to coin to coin contact in the bag.

The Franklin half dollar depicts a head and shoulders portrait of Franklin on the obverse, facing right, with LIBERTY above and IN GOD WE TRUST below. The date is to the right. The reverse shows the Liberty Bell with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA above and HALF DOLLAR below. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is to the left while a small eagle is to the right. At the time of issue, the design was criticized by many, perhaps because it is rather plain in comparison to the "classic" Liberty Walking style. However, in recent years Franklin half dollars have emerged as popular pieces and today they are highly desired by numismatists.

The type set collector can easily obtain a business strike in any desired grade from Very Fine to superb Uncirculated, although sharply struck Uncirculated pieces showing full bell lines on the reverse and other minutely detailed areas are elusive for some issues. Proofs were minted from 1950 through 1964.


While coins of excellent quality can be found by search bags of junk silver, do not be lured into buying with the belief you will find one of Brilliant Uncirculated grade. Coin to Coin contact within the bag is easily detected by the avid collector and appraiser. They are beautiful but as beautiful as the true Uncirculated.
Benjamin Franklin (1/2 Dollar)
John R. Sinnock
0.900 part silver, 0.100 part -Per
30.6 mm
192.9 grains

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